Good things about getting older

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good things about getting older

Quote by Madeleine LEngle: “The great thing about getting older is that you...”

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Published 27.11.2018

Benefits of Getting Older

While sitting around lamenting our millennial lives, a friend of mine shared this morsel of wisdom she'd gotten from an older acquaintance.

12 Actually Really Good Things That Have Come With Getting Older

In a University of Illinois study, older air traffic controllers excelled at their cognitively taxing jobs, despite some losses in short-term memory and visual spatial processing. How so? They were expert at navigating, juggling multiple aircraft simultaneously and avoiding collisions. People also learn how to deal with social conflicts more effectively. Subjects in their 60s were better than younger ones at imagining different points of view, thinking of multiple resolutions and suggesting compromises.

Five experts share their wisdom about the many delightful surprises that await you in your golden years. As it turns out, most grumpy old people used to be grumpy young people. To the contrary, research has shown that, as we age, we become more emotionally stable and content. In early adulthood, there are a lot of what-ifs: Am I going to find a soul mate? Have a child?

Like all phases of life, our senior years can come with their challenges. However, the difficult and unpleasant aspects of aging should not overshadow all the wonderful parts of growing old. It may surprise some, but studies show that seniors are among the happiest groups of people, and that they are significantly more happy than their middle-aged counterparts. The author of a study on the subject, Dr. Older people tend to have internal mechanisms to deal better with hardship or negative circumstances than those who are younger. Grandparents love their grandchildren, and this love lightens their own heart while simultaneously benefiting the grandchildren who receive this love. Karl Pillemer.

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ET Tuesday! Register now. At just about any age, we make up our minds just how happy we want to be. There are the days of childhood, where we whine that we just want to be all grown up, so we can do what we want. When we're in college, we want to graduate so we can work and have money already. When we're working, we dream about the day we can finally retire. I say, let's forget the commercials telling us we have to fight getting older.

Like traffic and taxes, aging is inevitable. But why cringe every time another birthday comes around? Wine gets better with age, and so do we. Read on for some compelling reasons why you should actually be excited about the years to come. Each life experience brings a broader perspective, and greater clarity about people, about coping, about problem resolution. I'm better able to personally navigate life's challenges, and I'm able to use this knowledge to help others. In my youth, I was always concerned and measured in my corporate life [and] how I raised children.

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