Its all about saving lives

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its all about saving lives

Saving Lives Quotes (13 quotes)

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Published 28.11.2018

Whitney Houston - Saving All My Love For You (Official Music Video)

AI isn’t just taking jobs, it’s saving lives

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A boy stands in the courtyard of his house next to a room that was damaged in a mortar attack in a northern Syrian city. The major challenge for the United Nations and the multilateral system is to save the lives of people immediately at risk. That is the key assessment of Michael Doyle, Director of the Global Policy Initiative at Columbia University, when considering the competing demands on global cooperation. Doyle said. While identifying the task came easy, Mr. He said this is because the UN has proven good at clarifying the culture of responsibility in the world, but has struggled to move beyond a normative role. He said the UN, as an organization of states, is struggling to keep up with an international agenda focused on threats such as non-state armed groups with extremist ideologies.

Why the politicians are playing it up is patently obvious but then again, when have they not played up any issue that gives them the smallest iota of political face time? The system is to put it simply, just the latest technology to enforce an age-old law, the law against traffic offenders. Our staggering rate of road deaths alone should be enough to get people to sit up and take notice but in our selfish obstinacy we continue to protest a good system implemented for our own advantage. It is now clear that the Government has not outsourced or privatised enforcement. The contractor merely provides the tools for more efficient enforcement and maintains them for the users, who is the JPJ. What the Government has done is create an innovative financial structure that allows them to pay for all the services without using existing Government monies. With no guarantee and no grant from the Government, this is a win for the Government as all the risks are absorbed by the service providers.

One way that people can have a social impact with their career is to donate money to effective charities. Alyssa Vance told me that many people may see this as highly ineffective relatively to their optimistic expectations about how much it costs to improve the lives of people. I thought the reverse would be true — folks would be skeptical that charities in the developing world were effective at all. Fortunately Amazon Mechanical Turk makes it straightforward to survey public opinion at a low cost, so there was no need for us to sit around speculating. I suggested a survey on this question to someone in the effective altruism community with a lot of experience using Mechanical Turk — Spencer Greenberg of Clearer Thinking — and he went ahead and conducted one in just a few hours.

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