A short story about mother love in telugu

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a short story about mother love in telugu

Parents And Children Quotes (382 quotes)

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Telugu Stories for Kids - ????? ????? - Mother's Love - Moral Stories - Telugu Kathalu

The Dreaming Priest

There lived a couple who had only son for them, He grow up and got married and they all lived happily together. One day his father died and so he decided to leave his mother in a old age home and visited her daily. One day he received a call from old age home saying that his mom is very serious and was asked to come for visit. When he visited the home age he saw his mother dying on bed. Saying this, mother died and leaving tears in his son eyes.

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????? ??????? ????? - mother and father love story - Telugu Stories for kids- Telugu Kathalu

Really Excellent and Attractive. Discover and read the best short stories in your language. Oka 6years mother leni abbai, chettukindha kurchuni daddy ani edusthunadu.. Valla dad vachi emaindhi nana evaru kottaru ninnu.. Dad chinapati nunchi, nannu nuvve baga chusukuntu penchav kadha..

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