Poetry books about self love

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poetry books about self love

Popular Self Love Books

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my fav poetry books for depression, anxiety, self-help, etc. :)

Rupi Kaur is an Indian born Canadian poet, writer, illustrator, and performer who first rose to fame on Instagram and Tumblr sharing her short visual poetry. She inherited her love of art from her mother and started drawing at the age of five. Still only in her mid-twenties, Kaur has clearly managed to tap into her Everyday Power.
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Popular Self Love Books

So often when we cannot accept ourselves, we are struggling with our feelings, our bodies, our past and our experiences. The books below all contain poems that help me to let go at least a little of needing to be right, perfect and in control and to treat myself and my path with more tenderness and open-mindedness. I have included one poem excerpt from each to give you a feel for the book. Image: Amazon. Rumi has a gift for providing a mystical and revelrous view of human experiences. More: 12 powerful books that celebrate the female voice.

There are so many life-changing poetry books because poetry is such a personal reading experience that captures and confronts us with what we've privately felt, thought, or believed in some inarticulable capacity. Aside from being more melodic than prose, it plunges right to the core. So when we need company, advice, attitude, motivation, humor , or whatever else to show us the way, poetry is the fearless leader. To share our passion, we designed a reading list of the best poetry books to get you through every mood and life event you find yourself in. Click through the collections below to choose the poetry that speaks the most to you. Confrontational, sharp, harsh, and gentle, Morgan Parker's second book is filled with clever pop-culture references. Every poem is unique, especially when it comes to their form, and yet together, they're so cohesive that you'll want to devour the entire book in one fell swoop.

I am sharing my self-love poetry book list for anyone needing these same reminders. For those who want to cultivate a loving relationship with.
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By: Jalal al-Din. This being human is a guest house Every morning a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor.

The longest relationship you'll ever have is with yourself. Keep it on a positive note with these books about self-love, because you should never be too down on yourself. You're doing great! If you're new to the idea of self-love and need a road map to follow, Shannon Kaiser's 15 principles of self-love will get you started down the right path. This interactive journal will put you through exercises that'll help you determine where you are in your journey. Find uplifting prompts like, "List five things that always, and immediately, bring a smile to your face.

I fell in love with this incredible book within the first few pages I started reading. Sorry if I'm being bias but it's just so relatable and I think many women who have read this book would agree. Milk and Honey is a collection of poems about the author's journey of surviving everything she has been through. It's separated into four different parts: the hurting, the loving, the breaking and the healing. Why I think this book is so relatable is because every women has gone through most of the things mentioned in this book, in today's society, it's very important to speak about the issues women face, we need to have our voices heard. The idea of this post was thought of on March 8th ,International Women's Day.

Best Products may earn money from the links on this page. Why trust us? These acclaimed reads range from classic to contemporary and demonstrate the transportive power of a few choice words on a page. Check out these 11 poetry books that offer a deep read into short works. If it's been a while since you picked up a book of poetry, Rupi Kaur's writing is the perfect re-introduction to the genre. Her first book, a meditation on love and loss titled Milk and Honey , put her short, yet penetrating verses on the map, and her forthcoming second book, The Sun and Her Flowers , both builds on it and also stands alone as a fully realized work examining one's ancestral roots.

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