Short story about myself example

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short story about myself example

Short Story Connect - WELCOME: Welcome - Introduce Yourself Showing 1-50 of 593

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Published 28.11.2018

How to Write a Great Short Story - The 8-Point Story Arc

Start with a short list of your talents and interests. This type of writing requires that you tell a story about yourself, using specific, real-life details that highlight a.

A Story of Myself

I was born on the third day in the month of April, on the year of the snake, I'm the fourth child in the family of 7 children that consist of 4 male and 3 female. I don't remember much during the early years of my infant life as I never heard nor asked about it from my parents, and I also doesn't have prove of it because there doesn't any pieces of prove that I will be proud of, as a history of my infancy life. The first and foremost important picture of my early chilhood that still exist till now in my sub-concious mind is how one day my father brought me along to the paddy field on his broad and strong shoulder, as I'm a young king. The second picture of my early childhood history, that somehow still influences me, sometime, that happen during one of the many festival that we have to celebrate according to our custom, is how I fell sick, and was given a special care by the many guest that came to our house for the celebration that my parents held.

Forgot your password? Register now and get access to your personal control panel. My name is Ann Smith. I am a senior in high school. Everyone can agree that I am a good student and that I like to study. My favorite subjects are chemistry and biology.

My Story: The Picture of my early life (Part 1) It is the year when I started my schooling days at a small primary school which was built and.
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So here is the sample write-up I came up after gathering the details that she wanted to share with the interviewer. Sharing it here, as it can help everyone. This is just a sample write up which can be used as a reference. My optimistic and planned approach in things I do is what driving me towards my success. As how I strive for perfection in things, I expect the same from others as well. If things go out of control or go way out of track, I go an extra mile and contribute my efforts, in getting things done in time. I come from Tamil Brahmin family born in Delhi and brought up in the multi-cultured, multi-cuisine flavours of Chennai.

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