How to write a story about yourself

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how to write a story about yourself

Write This Book: A Do-It-Yourself Mystery by Pseudonymous Bosch

“The good thing about writing fiction is that you get to make everything up. The bad thing is that you have to.”

Stars (Out of 10): 8/10 Stars

Overall Thoughts: I really enjoyed this quick little break from my ordinary, more intense reading. Pseudonymous Bosch was one of childhood authors, and I always loved the footnotes and writing style in general of his, and this book was no exception. If anything, this book had even more footnotes, and even more of his personality seeping into it. I loved the book just for that, and not even considering the potentially invaluable information the book can hold for younger readers. Since this is not an ‘ordinary’ book, this will also not be an ordinary review.

The Good: Has some pretty good information, and is also extremely funny and engaging for readers! Even though I already was taught the same things in my high school English classes, I still enjoyed it, and see it’s worth for younger readers wanting an interesting way to learn about the writing process, or test out their skills using the “assignments” within the book!

The Bad: It is not a “real” book. It has a semblance of a story, but that is not the main point of this book at all. Most of it’s qualities rest in teaching people to write better, or give an insight into how Pseudonymous Bosch writes.

What this book can teach: This book covers most of the basics of writing, from POV (superbly explained by calling 3rd POV an observation, “he broke the glass,” 2nd POV an accusation, “you broke the glass,” and 1st POV a confession, “I broke the glass.”), to genre, using direct examples of Gothic, Fantasy, and Classic Crime in combination with Mystery to show the difference a genre can make on a book. It also speaks of the technical aspects of a book, from title to epigraph to copyright page (and of course, the importance of pseudonyms). However, even if you know all that, the little assignments can be pretty cool writing practice, and the book is even just interesting because of Bosch’s humor. A combination of funny footnotes, interruptions from Quiche the bunny, and “procrastination pages” that are way too true about writers, had me hooked the entire time, even if the information was all just repeat.

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How to Write a Short Story - Writing Tips

How to Write Your Story in 6 Steps

Show less Writing about yourself can seem embarrassing at first. Cover letters, personal essays, and bio notes about yourself come with some specific tricks and tips that can make it a lot less intimidating when choosing style and content. Learn the basics and you will be able to make your personal writing stand out. Try again!

If you want to learn how to write about yourself, you have to first understand that about 99 percent of the time, writing about yourself is done in a misguided way that will cause no one to want to read your work. Almost always, the number one mistake I see aspiring writers make is exactly the same. As a human being, you have a really hard time thinking about the wants and needs of anyone but yourself. But what about memoirs and personal essays? There are people who write about themselves quite successfully.

1. Share the small moments

Do you ever write about yourself? What will people think of me? Am I making a fool of myself? Is this too embarrassing? Is this too needy? Am I undermining my professional image? I find it easier to write about blogging techniques than share personal stories.

Many people have a story to tell. If you are just writing for your family, that story might be different than if you were writing your story to be read by the general public. If your life was a harsh one you may not want to include the real names of the people involved. You may also want to consider whether your life story could be written as fiction. Write down everything you can think of that you want to include in your life story. Write scenes of your life that you want to include in your story on different sheets of paper or index cards.

There's an old adage that there's a book in everyone. True, but not everyone is a natural writer. Writing a story about yourself isn't as easy as telling it, but with a few simple rules and pointers, you can do it. It takes organizing your thoughts, getting an idea of where the story is going and, finally, just writing it. Talk to a tape or digital recorder and tell your story there first. This allows you to start the process of thinking about the story as a story.

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