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richard curtis movie about time

About Time by Richard Curtis

Extensive reading improves fluency and there is a real need in the ELT classroom for motivating, contemporary graded material that will instantly appeal to students. At the age of twenty-one, Tim is told an incredible family secret by his father: all the men in his family have the ability to relive their past. He decides to use his new gift to win the heart of the beautiful Mary with hilarious and moving results. About Time is based on the 2013 movie by Richard Curtis, writer of Notting Hill & Love Actually.
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About Time - Happiness scene

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Richard Curtis

Richard Curtis

Richard Curtis, the Typhoid Mary of incurable romantics , is not surprised that even though it is 9 a. His parents had the same records every grownup in those days had—one copy of My Fair Lady and two of The Sound of Music. But he had older sisters. And he had teenage babysitters. So when the Fab Four exploded, he was on the front line and his hungry ears took the full force of the blow.

About Time is a British romantic comedy-drama film written and directed by Richard Curtis .. Love Actually (); The Boat That Rocked (); About Time (). Written only. The Tall Guy (); Four Weddings and a Funeral ( ).
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I felt very sorry for the young woman at the screening of Richard Curtis's new film who found herself sitting right by the muttering loony; on and on he went, cursing beneath his breath, clicking his tongue in exasperation and quietly repeating the words "I hate this film" as if it were a mantra. Unconscionable, really. In fact, I'd like to offer her a personal apology and give an assurance that I'll try not to behave like that in a cinema again. But I couldn't help myself. About Time is actually an improvement on Richard Curtis's previous outing as writer-director, the repulsively sleazy and puerile The Boat That Rocked. Its cast is strong, the location work is attractive, and Domhnall Gleeson is so disarming in the lead role that at times the film becomes almost bearable. He plays Tim, a lanky, pale, ginger-haired young fellow who at certain angles looks positively handsome; he is, in the Curtisian way, a hopeful romantic.

The film is about a young man with the ability to time travel who tries to change his past in hopes of improving his future. At the age of 21, Tim learns from his father that the men of his family have the secret ability to travel back in time, to moments they have lived before. In order to time travel they must be in a dark space, clench their fists and visualize the memory they wish to travel back to. James discourages his son from using his gift to acquire money or fame, and Tim decides he will use it to improve his love life. Tim is instantly smitten, but waits until the end of her stay to tell her how he feels; she tells him that he should have told her earlier. Tim travels back in time to tell Charlotte in the middle of the holiday, but she says it would be better to wait until her last day.

His secret to dominating a genre? That obsession has led to a canon of films that have heavily impacted the romantic comedy genre. Every Thursday, I used to go and have dinner with my friends, Piers and Paula. And I remember, just to keep me occupied in the car, just vaguely dreaming about the scenario [of the movie], and Madonna was my favorite pop star at that point and the most famous woman in the world. And that exact scene actually happens in Notting Hill. And of course, Pulp Fiction.

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