What is the movie war room about

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what is the movie war room about

War Room: Prayer Is a Powerful Weapon by Chris Fabry

Prayer is a Powerful Weapon

Tony and Elizabeth Jordan have it all — great jobs, a beautiful daughter, and their dream house. But appearances can be deceiving. Their world is actually crumbling under the strain of a failing marriage. While Tony basks in his professional success and flirts with temptation, Elizabeth resigns herself to increasing bitterness. But their lives take an unexpected turn when Elizabeth meets her newest client, Miss Clara, a wise, older widow who challenges Elizabeth to start fighting for her family instead of fighting against her husband.
 From the award-winning creators of Fireproof and Courageous comes War Room, a compelling drama with humor and heart that explores the power that prayer can have over marriages, parenting, careers, friendships, and every other area of our lives.
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War Room Movie Review

War Room review: shut up and pray he quits

The film, War Room , from filmmakers Stephen and Alex Kendrick, was one of the hits of fall movie season. To the world, Tony and Elizabeth Jordan played by T. Stallings and Priscilla Shirer , are a successful, upwardly mobile married couple. Tony is a top salesman for a pharmaceutical company, and Elizabeth is a real estate agent. But their marriage is starting to fall apart, and Tony is pondering an affair.

I s your husband a self-centered jerk? Does he ignore your needs, pay no attention to your adorable daughter, scold you for giving financial help to your troubled sister? Does he have a wandering eye and come dangerously close to committing adultery? Is he embezzling from his job? When you find his behavior upsetting and take him to task you are only protracting the struggle. What you need to do is surrender, go in the closet and pray. Elizabeth Priscilla Shirer, a successful Christian minister in her first film role is a hard-working real estate agent aware that her marriage is almost at its breaking point.

4. As expected, secular film critics didn’t like it.

Attention all God-fearing victims of domestic abuse —have the Kendrick brothers got a film for you. It has one single goal, which according to the Kendricks, is the only goal worth having. The film wants to evangelize by preaching an ideology that requires its followers to view the world in black-and-white terms. This is the lesson that real estate agent Elizabeth Priscilla C. Shirer must be taught in extended conversations with her client-turned-friend, Miss Clara Karen Abercrombie. When Elizabeth tries opening up about the unabashed cruelty she endures on a daily basis from her loathsome husband, Tony T. Stallings , Clara refuses to listen.

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It is the Kendrick brothers' fifth film and their first through their subsidiary, Kendrick Brothers Productions. Tony T. Stallings and Elizabeth Jordan Priscilla Shirer appear outwardly successful with a big house, plenty of money, and a beautiful daughter Danielle Alena Pitts. Behind the facade however, Tony and Elizabeth's relationship is strained as he is being both verbally abusive and thinking about cheating and his job as a pharmaceutical salesman means he is almost never there for his daughter. Elizabeth, a realtor, goes to work with the elderly Miss Clara Karen Abercrombie to sell her house.

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