Facts about the blue dragon

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facts about the blue dragon

Blue Dragon (Dragonbound, #1) by Rebecca Shelley

Life started at Stonefountain. Near the bubbling fountain of power, the humans and dragons grew up together. Bound by blood, the two races became great and powerful. But with power came division. For not all were bound, and those with the power brought on by the bonding abused that power, subjecting all powerless ones to servitude. In time the servants rebelled against their masters. Their violent uprising left almost all the bonded dragons and humans dead. From that day on the races separated, fleeing from Stonefountain and claiming their own lands. Distrust and war grew up between humans and dragons. The humans, fearing the power of the dragon bond, killed all those born to bond with the dragons. But some survived. When Kanvars brother comes down with the dragon sickness, his mother learns that her husband and both her sons are Nagas, human traitors that bond with the Great Gold dragons. All three must die. Kanvars father is shot in the back and falls from a high window with his brother, leaving Kanvar to escape execution, survive on his own, and face the wrath of a Great Blue dragon whose family has been killed by the humans.
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Meet The Blue Dragon, The World’s Most Beautiful – And Deadly – Slug

Glaucus atlanticus common names include the sea swallow, blue angel, blue glaucus, blue dragon, blue sea slug and blue ocean slug is a species of small, blue sea slug, a pelagic aeolid nudibranch, a shell-less gastropod mollusk in the family Glaucidae. These sea slugs are pelagic: they float upside down by using the surface tension of the water to stay up, where they are carried along by the winds and ocean currents. Glaucus atlanticus is camouflaged: the blue side of their body faces upwards, blending in with the blue of the water. This sea slug stores stinging nematocysts from the cnidarian within its own tissues as defense against predation. Humans handling the slug may receive a very painful and potentially dangerous sting. At maturity blue dragon can be up to 3 cm 1.

The dragons drew in beachgoers, as they always do, with their strange, singular beauty. But no matter how beautiful or small these creatures are, if you ever see one, you should back far away. These dragons, also known as blue angels and sea swallows, are technically called Glaucus atlanticus and are simply sea slugs that top out at around an inch long. But what they lack in size, they make up for in ferocity and beauty. They use a gas sac in their stomachs to float upside-down in warm ocean currents, snagging other small poisonous jellyfish with their tiny blue feet. When the slug comes across a helpless jellyfish drifting unwittingly to its death, it snatches it by its body and pulls chunks off of its gelatinous mass with strong jaws and rows of needle-sharp teeth. Flickr A photo of the Glaucus Atlanticus.

Jump to navigation. Also known as the blue dragon, sea swallow or blue angel, the blue glaucus is a species of brightly colored sea slug nudibranch , and can be found throughout the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans in temperate and tropical waters.
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Glaucus atlanticus is a species of sea slug that goes by many names, including blue angel, blue glaucus, blue dragon, blue sea slug, blue ocean slug and, in a strange twist of a name that doesn't reflect its sapphire coloration, the sea swallow. That namesake coloration is for more than just show. The sea slug uses the coloration to its advantage as it floats on the ocean's surface.

Some of the nematocysts will be digested, but G. We may be many times larger than the blue dragon, but it can still deal us some damage. This year marks the 43rd annual Oktoberfest—one of the biggest Oktoberfest celebrations outside of Germany more than , people attend the three-day event. On the afternoon of Thursday, September 19, wiener dogs and their owners and handlers gathered in downtown Cincinnati for the "Running of the Wieners. The winner of each heat advanced to the final round, where the top three finishers were decided. Leo and Bucky , two other doxies, placed second and third, respectively. However, the wiener dogs are more fun to watch.


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