What is something in the water about

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what is something in the water about

Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman

If you could make one simple choice that would change your life forever, would you?

Erin is a documentary filmmaker on the brink of a professional breakthrough, Mark a handsome investment banker with big plans. Passionately in love, they embark on a dream honeymoon to the tropical island of Bora Bora, where they enjoy the sun, the sand, and each other. Then, while scuba diving in the crystal blue sea, they find something in the water. . . .

Could the life of your dreams be the stuff of nightmares?

Suddenly the newlyweds must make a dangerous choice: to speak out or to protect their secret. After all, if no one else knows, who would be hurt? Their decision will trigger a devastating chain of events. . . .

Have you ever wondered how long it takes to dig a grave?

Wonder no longer. Catherine Steadmans enthralling voice shines throughout this spellbinding debut novel. With piercing insight and fascinating twists, Something in the Water challenges the reader to confront the hopes we desperately cling to, the ideals were tempted to abandon, and the perfect lies we tell ourselves.
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Carrie Underwood - Something in the Water (Audio)

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Catherine Steadman

Something in the Water

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It all begins with an actual grave being dug, then quickly reverts back in time to the start of a new relationship, marriage and big plans for the future. Then, even though a big disappointment for the newlyweds rears itself, the expensive first class South Pacific honeymoon goes on It's this feeling of the Not Knowing what or who to trust that kept me glued to the pages. Super entertaining And, ok, one downside for me Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving….

A woman is digging a grave. This is harder than you might think — it takes forever and you have to displace more than a ton of soil, about the weight of an average hippopotamus, to produce a barely serviceable three-foot-deep hole. A further surprise comes when you clock that the author of this deftly paced, elegantly chilly thriller, Catherine Steadman, appeared on our television screens not so long ago.
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See a Problem?

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