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books everyone is talking about 2018

Everyone Talks by Lee Child

Im a huge fan of Lee Child and his Jack Reacher series, so I was thrilled to stumble across a short story he wrote in 2014, titled Everyone Talks., which is made available for free on Random House Australias website. See link to the story below.

Its an entertaining read, with some highly unusual aspects for one of Lees Reacher stories. It opens with Reader laid up in the hospital with a gunshot wound; the story contains a sizable flashback; it mixes first and third person tenses—quite unusually in that the first-person parts are not in Reachers POV.

After greedily gobbling down the story, I sat back to admire it from a writers perspective. Lee does a fantastic job of transitioning from the present into the flashback where the gunshot wound takes place, then back to the present. After moving into FB mode, the scene segues into the standard third person-past storytelling style Lee uses, somehow managing to make readers feel they are in the moment with Reacher, even though its being told in past tense, and also as a FB. Great stuff.

Lee also manages to plug in an unexpected twist at the end, which checks all the advice boxes: the outcome is unexpected, and yet organically fits the rest of the story, and the action taken is somewhat unexpected for Reachers character, so call it a double dip.

Whether youre a Lee Child / Jack Reacher fan or not, the storys definitely worth a read. . . .

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