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best book about leadership development

Popular Leadership Development Books

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Top 5 Best books on leadership and Management - Development - Hindi - PDF - Book of All time

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Popular Leadership Development Books

By Steffen Maier Jun 28, Your leadership team is one of the most important assets your company has. In its Project Oxygen study, Google identified eight top qualities needed to be a successful team lead. Surprisingly, technical skills came in last place. This demonstrates a huge disconnect between the way we promote leaders and the qualities actually needed to lead a team effectively.

By Dheeraj Vaidya Leave a Comment. Top Books. An unorthodox book on leadership with some bold advice for managers on how to enhance their management skills.
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#2 On Becoming a Leader

Leadership development is a necessity in today's fast-moving business climate. What worked yesterday or last week may not work today, and those leaders best prepared to adjust when needed are the ones who keep employees engaged and projects moving forward. All photos courtesy of the individual members. Lencioni blends a number of important leadership concepts into one readable business fable. Anyone in leadership needs to know how to affect outcomes through effective teamwork.

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