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Mad About the Boy by Beth Laycock

This is my first time reading this author, and I liked her writing style. Major part of the book was dedicated to domestic animals, namely dogs, and despite me not being much of a dog person, Ms Laycocks light-hearted manner of speaking made me like and love each and every one of Muddy Paws rescue shelter inhabitants and all those who cared for them. This is a well-paced, mildly steamy romance full of doggy kisses, one prickly dog person and a copper whose smile is hard to resist.

Eli is a young man who does not want attachments or complications in his life. No on ever stays or wants him for long, not even his own father, so he is always the one to leave. All he wants is to learn a degree in business and one day operate his own dog rescue home. With his best friend Zeus, who is unsurprisingly a dog, because Eli seems to relate better to them since they dont judge him, he quietly lives his life. With a couple of friends his family is complete. But a chance assumption starts a friendship that will grow into something more if he lets it. Eli is a bit antisocial and skeptic but when he is with dogs at Muddy Paws shelter, he is so gentle and personable. He has such a kind heart that he hides behind slight surliness and blue streaked hair. All he needed was to see that the right person will stay and be there for him. And Dominic fits the bill.

Dominic comes from a large happy family. He as his father before him became a cop. He is truly genuine person willing to go out of his way to help others. When he is mistaken for a stripper, he takes it light-heartedly and strikes up a conversation with Eli. It would have ended with a night together if not for strange things happening around Eli. Protectiveness and attraction to Eli make Dominic stick close. And while good looks help, that is not what makes Eli love him - his kindness to others is what breaks the ice around Elis heart and makes him believe that love is possible for him.

The mystery itself was not as prominent as I expected and had a slightly slower pace. Since the story is told from Elis POV, most of police work is done out of sight of the narrative. I wished a little more of it and a tad less of dogs. The villains angle was fine but it would have made the mystery better for me without it. The book ended very nicely with everyone achieving what they wanted. There were tragedies that made me so sad but author managed to finish on a happy note. I recommend it. Copy received for my honest and unbiased review
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Helen Fielding Interview - Bridget Jones: Mad about The Boy

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Beth Laycock

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Production companies haven't snapped up the rights to Helen Fielding's new novel despite strong sales. Would a Bridget Jones film be the same without Colin Firth? Movie producers seem to think not. The new book sees Bridget Jones widowed at the age of 51, following the death of her former love Mark Darcy, played by Colin Firth in the film franchise. The film, which will star Renee Zellweger and Hugh Grant alongside Firth, was due to start filming in but has been delayed. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.

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B ridget Jones, you could argue, was the first truly modern comic heroine. Back in the mids, through Bridget and her friends, Helen Fielding identified the confusion of a new generation of women and crucially allowed her readers to laugh at it. The books went on to sell 15m copies in 40 countries, were adapted into two hit films and turned their heroine into shorthand for a particular type of contemporary womanhood. Now the author has revived Bridget, nearly 20 years on, to negotiate a whole new sexual and cultural landscape. The girlish style has not changed, despite being Bridget still obsessively logs her weight, her alcohol units and pieces of Nicorette gum she's given up the Silk Cut ; to this litany of guilt she can now add embarrassing texts, tweets and Botox. At times this tone Gah! V v good, etc makes her sound annoyingly like a giddy teen, as it always did.

The writer published Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy in , but the third film about the unlucky-in-love singleton starring Renee Zellweger, 's Bridget Jones's Baby, followed a completely different storyline. Fans of the books may still see it come to life on the big screen though, as Fielding has said she thinks it would make "a lovely film". Mad About The Boy follows Jones in her 50s after the death of long-time love interest Mark Darcy, played by Colin Firth in the films, as she tries to get back into dating while bringing up two children. Bridget Jones's Baby saw the character get unexpectedly pregnant after one night stands with both an American stranger at a festival, and her ex Darcy, leaving her unsure who the father of the child was. Fielding also revealed that she thought a rumoured musical version of Bridget Jones might finally make it to the stage. Asked whether there would ever be a Bridget Jones musical, she said: "Yes, I think there will be one day. Talking about who she would like to see play the title role at the theatre, she said: "I don't know, I think in a musical it is a bit different from a movie because it's more spontaneous and temporary, so I think there are lots of people who could be great in it and I think it would be a really fun night out.

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