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almost human john and valerie

Valerie and Other Stories by Colin Insole

With the nine stories of this collection, Colin Insole conducts a fantastic pavane that depicts human folly and the protracted immolation of dream and ambition. In nineteenth-century Paris, Doctor Colbert, stifled by bourgeois expectations, longs for a life purified by art, but his inept adventure with the easel leads him only into degradation and tragedy; in a village in Southeastern Europe, children drum and dance in sinister rites to propitiate a malignant, all-seeing moon; a fey and curious orphan, Valerie, is fostered in a dour and repressed English vicarage, and soon reveals to the vicar’s daughter all the ghostly secrets sequestered in the back lanes and whispering shadows of the market town.

Through all these worlds of grotesquerie, enchantment and menace, Colin Insole portrays the irrepressible workings of inhuman reprisal, ever returning to dismantle, with subtle but vicious talons, the schemes of the uncomprehending human protagonists.
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John Kennex & Valerie Stahl -- Almost Human

Almost Human review: Perception.

From the first moment the John Kennex met Detective Valerie Stahl, he noticed that she was a generally young woman. She always greeted him and Dorian everyday. She conversed with suspects, giving them respect and still maintained authority. She was an intelligent young woman who knew what she was talking about, which was more than what John could say about other Detectives he worked with in the past. But there was one detective that seemed to be the exception to Detective Stahl's pleasantries. And frankly, John couldn't blame Stahl for the decision at all. Detective Paul was an ass.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Ten years after the failed android uprising, Cyberlife has split into a number of smaller companies, and done everything in their power to erase all memory of the revolution. John Kennex is growing closer to Detective Stahl, but there seems to be something she isn't telling him. As he presses for answers, the reality he thought he knew unravels, revealing things he never wanted to know or believe both about the world around him and about the people closest to him. So, yeah, if you want some Stahl-centric mini-casefic, here you go?

Does engineered mean better? Does ‘better’ have to be a thing?

Previously on Almost Human : Unbound., Detective Valerie Stahl has been hanging around in the background of Almost Human , offering support and a flirty smile to John Kennex. In this episode, we finally get some hints of Stahl's background—although the episode is still all about Kennex.

Abrams and Fringe 's J. Wyman 's ambitious new Fox drama Almost Human , which is set 30 years in the future in a world where every human cop is paired with an android. Why, you ask? Alas, Kelly does not play an android, so her character Valerie Stahl can't help put let those human emotions guide her cop instincts. In our exclusive preview, Kelly teases the highly anticipated new drama, which debuts Nov. Abrams previews Almost Human.


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  1. Detective Valerie Stahl is an Intelligence Analyst in the Detective and Investigations division, Delta, along with Detectives John Kennex and Richard Paul, under.

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