Robert irwin and james turrell

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robert irwin and james turrell

Anna Bernardini (Author of Robert Irwin - James Turrell)

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Published 07.12.2018

A Conversation with Robert Irwin on Light and Space III

photographer simone bossi goes inside irwin + turrell exhibit at villa panza

Drew Tewksbury is a Los Angeles-based cultural journalist, editor, photographer, and multimedia producer. The museum has also acquired artist James Turrell's dome-like "perceptual cell" Light Reignfall , which was featured in the museum's exhibition. Turrell's interactive experience Reignfall will tentatively open in , and was a popular part of the museum's series, as visitors made appointments to be immersed into a spherical chamber. The Hyundai Project will also provide support for various exhibitions, publications and programs of Korean art, ranging from traditional calligraphy to contemporary works. The series of exhibitions begins in with an exploration of traditional Korean calligraphy, followed by a survey of contemporary Korean artists in A showcase of 20th Century Korean art in will display works from the end of Dynastic age and the beginning of Modern era.

For more than thirty years, Robert Irwin has been one of the most influential artists working in America, both as a practitioner and a theoretician. He began his career as an abstract expressionist and moved through successive shifts in style and sensibility until he reached a new aesthetic research focused on perceptual phenomena, such as light, volume and scale. In the years following his art school training in Los Angeles, at the Otis Art Institute and the Chouinard Art Institute, Irwin joined the Ferus Gallery, a vibrant hub for young artists and collectors that soon became a driving force behind the blossoming of art in Los Angeles during the '60s. In the early s he began a continuous series of experiments regarding the role of art as 'conditional'—something that works in and responds to the specific experience of the surroundings. Like Minimal artists, he broke with figuration, searching for a new way to make the work of art autonomous in content.

Many years ago, in a land far, far away Los Angeles in , Robert F. Kennedy has just been assassinated and Apollo 8, the first manned space craft to leave the Earth's orbit has beamed back images of " Earthrise " from the far side of the moon two young men set off on a journey to portray the experience of perception. These two men, Robert Irwin and James Turrell , joined the psychologist, Ed Wortz who conducted experiments in ergonomics how humans interact with technology for NASA missions, in order to collaborate on an experimental artwork.
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Throughout , we are dedicating two to three days to each artist on our social media platforms—Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and here on the Art21 Blog. Our current featured artist is James Turrell. James Turrell and Robert Irwin in the anechoic chamber during their collaboration with Garrett Corporation. Artists James Turrell and Robert Irwin had designed alpha conditioning and a series of other experiments with Dr. At the time, Tuchman said he imagined artists moving around corporations as if in their own studios. But a later interview with Irwin, as well as early reports on the processes of other artists in the program, suggest Tuchman may have eased into this belief—maybe when he began to realize that only 15 or so of the 76 artist-participants would make something tangible enough to show. Headshots of participants from the cover of the Report on Art and Technology.

This summer in New York we are having a rare dose of major works from the West coast's "Light and Space" movement. That phrase Light and Space always makes me think first of Light and Air, that penultimate duo of Depression-era tenement reform and the New York City zoning. The main focus of the exhibit is Turrell's Aten Reign installation, which takes over the Guggenheim rotunda. The work both repeats and obscures the ramps and the rotunda's skylight, in a way that could only make me compare the two, like a renovation that one unpeels in the imagination. To get myself out of this misplaced design-mind, I walked slowly up the ramp, but this only made it worse, as one can peer through the mesh and start to make out the scaffolding.


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  1. These two men, Robert Irwin and James Turrell, joined the psychologist, Ed Wortz who conducted experiments in ergonomics (how humans.

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  3. The work of two central figures associated with West Coast contemporary art, Robert Irwin and James Turrell, is the subject of this breathtaking book that.

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