Legend of sun and moon

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legend of sun and moon

Child of the Sun: A Cuban Legend by Sandra Arnold

Summarize the book
In this book, the Cuban natives explain how eclipses happen. A long time ago, Sun and Moon were put in charge of the night and day when their mother Earth went to sleep. Sun, not being used to having nobody worship him, created a man to do just this. The man becomes lonely and Moon creates him a wife. The two have a child, and this annoys Sun as he created the man specifically to worship him. Sun wraps up Moon in webs and attempts to rule the sky alone.
Sun decides to steal the child and fights with Moon, Wind, and the creatures of Earth. In the end of the book, Earth awakens and forces Sun to give the child back to the couple. Earth gestures to Moon to come to her and, in that process, steps in front of Sun causing an eclipse. Earth tells Moon to bring back Sun, as they need him. However, once in awhile, Moon likes to step in front of Sun just to remind him of the promise that he must share the ruling of the sky with Moon.

Identify the characteristics from the text that support the specific genre
This story is a legend from the Ciboney tribe which were living on the island when Christopher Columbus arrived in 1492. The story is told in an oral style and is an origin story for eclipses.

Identify specific concepts that could be integrated into the classroom.
This story is actually a little tougher for a picture book. I think the themes of sibling rivalry and arrogance are very well covered in this book. The story shows that Moon and Sun do care for each other, but Sun is so arrogant he requires worship to stroke his ego. He cannot accept that the man he created to worship him has moved on.
The sibling rivalry is an important concept that an instructor could teach to younger students. The instructor can emphasize that, while our siblings can be pigheaded and stupid, they are still our siblings and we should love them. Itís clear in reading the story and the illustrations that Sun and Moon do care for each other.

Offer any other suggestions that would be useful regarding literary content, reading level, and other ways in which the book might be integrated.
This would be a great science integration book. The instructor could introduce the phenomenon of a solar eclipse. This is also a tougher-to-read picture book, so I would say that it is probably a late 2nd-early 3rd grade book. I doubt many 1st graders would be able to read this story.
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Long time ago, the earth was considered the ugliest place throughout universe; there were no plants, no light, and no life. The god decided to send two brightest, powerful creatures, the Moon and the Sun to ornate the earth with light. They became the leader of the holy sky, the guider who control the sea, and the protector of our earth. However, the power of them were distributed unequally that, even when the moon was named as the second powerful creature, she became nothing when comparing to her husband, the Sun. At first, the couple went on pretty well; they both worked assiduously, to change this dreadful planet. Every day the grass thanks to the sun for giving them life; but they never thanks moon for having the idea.

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