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alan and steve talking animals

Spellsinger (Spellsinger, #1) by Alan Dean Foster

When I was young and dumb--even dumber than I am now--I spent a summer as a live-in staff member at a prestigious, Worlds-Top-Hideaways-list-making New Zealand luxury lodge, waiting tables and working housekeeping. For a hundred bucks a week in my pocket. This is one of the numerous downsides to having incredibly shitty parenting; no one to tell you, when you are young and dumb, that it is illegal for employers to pay less than minimum wage, that legally the lodge was allowed to charge me 9% of my gross wage for room and board and not a cent more, and that I was about to be exploited all to hell. Ah, rich people.

Before I arrived I dreamed of long summer evenings, hanging out with the other staff, swimming in the river, finding a cute local summer boyfriend, and having a great growth experience. Reality was slightly different. I was the only staff member living on site, no one hung out together, the lodge was a billion miles from civilisation (duh) and I only had a pushbike, all the male staff were married, and the locals were hostile (again, duh!).

That was the first Christmas Day I spent without seeing another human being. Also without eating anything, because staff meals were in the kitchen, which was (triple duh) closed for the day, because the whole lodge was closed for the day, and this had not occurred to me, literally, until Christmas morning.

Well, thank fuck for Alan Dean Fosters Spellsinger series. If I was prepared to turn myself into a sweat-dripping, overheated mess (and I was) I could cycle into the tiny local public library (where I BEGGED to be allowed to join, against all the residency rules: thank you, kind librarian), and I read my way through their entire fiction section (it was one wall). I lived for each weeks Spellsinger volume. What could have been more apt for me than a story about a fish-out-of-water human with hidden magic talents, transported to a strange and hostile land. The hope that I too could be a speshul snowflake kept me from crying more than once a week (maybe twice . . . okay, three times).

I have never tried to re-read the series, because I fear Spellsinger isnt actually objectively particularly amazing, but I still have an overstrong affection for the song Sloop John B, and call the tiny moving dots in the side of ones field of vision gneechees.

Thanks, ADF.

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Alan,Alan, Alan, Alan, Alan, Ow, Ow, Steve, Steve,, Hey, Hey...

Edit here have a look Bloody genius. Love that advert. It is very funny.
Alan Dean Foster

Alan,, Steve....

It involves the overdubbing of voiceovers to natural history footage, to give the appearance of the animals doing the talking. Celebrity guest voices are also included in each episode, with the exception of the pilot episode. A third series began airing over 3 years later on CBBC in Manford, Edge, Richardson, Webster and Suttie all write the series as well as providing voiceovers. The show often uses music for comic effect, and it has used a range of contemporary music as well as popular music from the past. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 24 September

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The wildlife program, launched in , combines natural history footage with comedic voiceovers from British comedians Jason Manford and Isy Suttie with celebrity appearances. The first preview, launched in March , has been followed up with previews for each episode in Series One and Two. The talking marmot was such a hit BBC called in British television executive and presenter Alan Yentob to endorse the show. Fans are invited to submit their own voiceovers to four clips available on the BBC Comedy blog. Click on the image below to play the first series preview in YouTube. Click on the image below to play the Alan Yentob endorsement in YouTube. Click on the image below to play the Series 1 Episode 1 preview in YouTube.

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  1. English whimsey has never been better portrayed than by the Bonzos, headed up by larger than life frontman Vivian Stanshall, this wonderfully talanted

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