Product release planning methods tools and applications

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product release planning methods tools and applications

A Happy Pocket Full of Money: Infinite Wealth and Abundance in the Here and Now by David Cameron Gikandi

A Happy Pocket Full of Money, first self-published in 2001, so impressed Rhonda Byrne, that she asked David Gikandi to become a consultant on The Secret.
In A Happy Pocket Full of Money, Gikandi explains that true wealth is not about having buckets of cash, but rather understanding the value within. True wealth flows out of developing wealth consciousness, that incorporates gratitude, a belief in abundance, and an ability to experience joy in life. He explores how recent discoveries in theoretical physics are relevant for the creation of personal wealth and shows readers how to create abundance by saving, giving, offering charity, and building happy relationships.

A Happy Pocket Full of Money features:
--How to use an internal mantra to build wealth consciousness.
--How to be conscious and deliberate about your thoughts and intentions.
--How to decide, define, and set goals you can believe in.
--How to act on your beliefs and overcome challenges.
--How to incorporate gratitude, giving, and faith to experience abundance and joy in life.
This inspirational book will change how you view and create money, wealth, and happiness in your life.
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Software Testing Tutorials for Beginners

Product Release Planning: Methods, Tools and Applications

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Software products are often used for two decades or more. Several researchers have shown the cost of maintenance and sustainment ranges between and 80 percent of the total lifecycle cost with a median estimate near 70 percent. Sometimes executives have asked, Why does software sustainment cost so much? This blog turns the question around to ask, Can we get better value from our continuing software investment? Of course, the answer is affirmative. We can examine changes in mission objectives, technology and environment to see how to position our product for the best use and value just as we do with other products.

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Elements of a product release map

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The foundation of a successful project is a well-laid plan. According to a report published by PMI, the most common factor in project failure was a lack of clearly defined goals , so for product managers, nailing the planning stage is crucial. But too often, product managers and their teams get bogged down in clunky software, time-consuming meetings, and disparate data collections, resulting in miscommunication, wasted time, and inefficient resource allocation. At best, these ingredients create a recipe for frustration and headaches; at worst, product releases may come in over budget, over time, and underperformed. So how can product managers make release plans to set their team up for success? Lucidchart helps product managers create dynamic, practical agile release plans that keep everyone on the same page from start to launch.


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  1. Authored by renowned expert Gunther Ruhe, Product Release Planning: Methods, Tools and Applications presents methods and tools to apply.

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