Ice and salt challenge gone wrong

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ice and salt challenge gone wrong

Caroline O. Bergs Blog: Enduring Ephemera - Jupiters Rampage through the Inner System - September 04, 2019 19:59

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What the challenge involves is placing salt onto exposed skin and then adding ice. The idea of someone tolerating pain for as long as they can is just profoundly stupid.

Salt and ice challenge

The salt and ice challenge is an Internet challenge where participants pour salt on their bodies, usually on the arm, and ice is then placed on the salt. The challenge can be recorded and posted on YouTube or other forms of social media. The salt and ice challenge can quickly cause second- and third-degree injuries similar to frostbite or being burnt with the metal end of a lighter , as well as causing painful open sores to form on the skin. Due to the numbing sensation of the cold and possible nerve damage during the stunt, participants are often unaware of the extent of any injuries sustained during the challenge, only feeling pain once the salt on their skin enters lesions created during the challenge. Skin discoloration from the challenge may remain after the challenge has been attempted.

The "salt and ice" challenge is back, recirculating on social media — and sending some kids to the hospital with second-degree burns. The "challenge" dares kids to put salt and ice together on their skin, which can cause patches of frostbite and painful, permanent scars. This story was first published in , and the advice still rings true today. Kids will find new, dumb "dares" no matter how many warnings we give them. So how do we challenge our kids not to jump on the latest idiotic YouTube stunt? I had apparently raised not one, but two, "gifted" children.

WXIN -- Doctors are warning parents about a dangerous game teenagers are playing that can lead to permanent damage. It's called the "salt and ice challenge. That salt lowers the temperature of the ice-cube and within five to ten minutes, the cube can cause serious injuries. He said the challenge has been around for years, but it just won't go away. Several children have been treated for injuries in just the last year. So you lose the blood vessels that are in there. You lose sensation, because of the nerve endings

‘Tolerating pain’ is not exactly a good thing

If you've been on Youtube in the past few years, chances are you've seen videos of people participating in various "challenges", like the cinnamon challenge, the banana Sprite challenge, the fire challenge and the mannequin challenge. -





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  1. I did the Salt & Ice challenge with AJShabeel. BIG MISTAKE as the salt and ice literally put holes in my hand:(SMASH LIKES!.

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