Speech on character and success

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speech on character and success

Character Building Quotes (148 quotes)

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Published 08.12.2018

The important of character in education - Lorraine Abbott - TEDxPutneyHighSchool

Character and Career. Importance of Character Building. If wealth is lost, nothing is lost.

Good Character is Important for Success in Life

Wisdom in life is about building on rock rather than on sand. If you want others to hold you in high esteem and you want to influence people in a positive way, building a good character should be a high priority. First and foremost, honesty and integrity should be the bedrock on which you build character. A man of truth is bold as a lion and lives above fear for he has got nothing to hide as he walks in the light. Your faith is what helps you triumph over negative circumstances as you trust God to make all things work together for good. Finally, character is built upon the sacrifice one makes to make this world a better place. When you do deeds of care and compassion, your lives will shine its brilliance long after your work is done.

Respected Principal, Teachers and my dear friends, Today I take this opportunity to speak a few words on the importance of character and discipline. If wealth is lost nothing is lost, If health is lost something is lost, But if character is lost, everything is lost. It is important not only for the high value it preaches but also for the priorities it sets for the values. First of all, it stresses on the importance of character and discipline and gives it the highest priority. After all, education is nothing but formation of character. Education disciplines the body, mind and the soul and makes a man pure and perfect. It is like a sculptor making a sculpture out of crude rock.

There is nothing more valuable to any team or company than people of good character. These types of people hold traits within themselves that separate them from others. When hiring, the one thing we want to look for is an idea of their character. We want to hire and work alongside people who can produce but who also demonstrate exceptional character. Here are some of the traits I define.

Good character is important for success in your life , because it determines how well you can achieve your goals, whether others want to deal with you, and how well you fit in your groups.
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  1. The desire for success I believe is one of the greatest motivators for action in the lives of people.

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