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lydia and jessie big brother

Common Man Quotes (28 quotes)

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Published 08.12.2018

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Post a Comment Your comments are welcome, but please do not include links to other websites, no matter what they are. All posts containing links will be deleted. Also, if possible please don't be a jackass. Thank you! Remember Lydia Tavera from Big Brother 11? She was memorable for her tattoos, a drunken fight with Big Jeff, and wasting no time getting physical with Mr. Pectacular himself, Jessie Godderz.

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A few issues ago you may remember me mentioning having met the fabulous Lydia Rose at an Amazing Race party that Kent and Vyxsin were hosting in Hollywood. Lydia was an absolute delight and a true Punk Rawk Rebel. It was rad that she agreed to an interview

It seems like on this season of Big Brother there are way more showmances forming at varying degrees of intensity than on previous seasons of the CBS reality show. Even Donny got a peck on the cheek from Amber after they worked together to win last week's Battle of the Block competition. It's cute and all to see these houseguests cuddle and flirt, but I think the real question on everyone's mind is, "Who's going to be the first showmance to have sex? The U. So when are their American counterparts going to get ahem on the stick? Hayden and Nicole is the showmance that actually seems like it's going somewhere romantically, but they seem too innocent to actually do anything raunchy while in the house. And everyone is hoping that Zach takes things to the next level with Frankie , even though the two say they're just friends.

Lydia Tavera was a houseguest on Big Brother She also can be remembered for her wild hair colors and makeup choices. In Week 6, she was evicted by a vote of She came in 7th place and was the second member of the jury. Lydia, this single woman has been up-close-and-personal with fame as she used to be a nanny for a high profile couple, which surprises people given her tattooed body and eccentric personality. She describes herself as unique, colorful, silly and mellow, but liars and disrespectful people really get under her skin.

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  1. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned — and that woman was just forced to spend a week in a red unitard and enjoyed sneaking into his bedroom at night to watch him sleep.

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