Animated explanation of heaven and earth

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animated explanation of heaven and earth

Earth Quotes (1532 quotes)

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This is a short animation with the explanation of the creation of heaven and earth. What did happen? What does the Bible teach us on this?.

Animated Explanation of ‘Heaven & Earth’

In the last episode, we talked about how the Hebrew language, the word "heavens" is always plural and it always refers to the sky, and it is assigned as a place where God's presence dwells. Tim: Biblical authors will use the sky as a way of talking about the nature of God space - that it's high, it's transcendent, it's authoritative. That's where he sees everything. Tim: We know that they believed that God's presence was accessible here on Earth, His throne in heaven overlapped with earth. Tim: And in the story of the Bible, it begins with God's face completely overlapping with human space. That's the ideal. That's the whole point.

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Watch the video above and talk about it with a group or mentor. Learn more. There are images presented that try to help us understand these two spaces, which although they are different, are not always separate. It may be helpful to think of them as different dimensions that overlap. In the Garden of Eden, the two spaces totally overlapped and God and man dwelt together.

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