Mct oil and brain health

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mct oil and brain health

A perfect guide on MCT Oil for brain health: A complete account on what you need to know about brain health and how MCT Oil improves brain health by Dr. Andrea Wiley

The human brain is the central organ of the human nervous system, and with the spinal cord makes up the central nervous system. The brain consists of the cerebrum, the brainstem and the cerebellum. It controls most of the activities of the body, processing, integrating, and coordinating the information it receives from the sense organs, and making decisions as to the instructions sent to the rest of the body. The brain is contained in, and protected by, the skull bones of the head.
The cerebrum, brainstem, cerebellum, and spinal cord are covered by three membranes called meninges. The membranes are the tough dura mater; the middle arachnoid mater and the more delicate inner pia mater. Between the arachnoid mater and the pia mater is the subarachnoid space and subarachnoid cisterns, which contain the cerebrospinal fluid.
“MCTs” are medium-chain triglycerides, a form of saturated fatty acid that has numerous health benefits, ranging from improved cognitive function to better weight management. Coconut oil is one great source of MCTs — roughly 62 percent to 65 percent of the fatty acids in coconut oil are MCTs — but recently more concentrated “MCT oil” has also been growing in popularity.
MCTs get their name because of the length of their chemical structure. All types of fatty acids are made up of strings of connected carbon and hydrogen. Fats are categorized by how many carbons they have: short-chain fats (like butyric acid) have fewer than six carbons, medium-chain fats have between six to 12 carbons and long-chain fats (like omega-3s) have between 13–21.

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Your Brain on Ketones; Alzheimer's, Memory & MCT

MCT oil is a supplement often added to smoothies, bulletproof coffee and . Summary MCT oil may improve brain function, which could have.
Dr. Andrea Wiley

7 Science-Based Benefits of MCT Oil

As the name suggests, medium-chain triglyceride MCT oil contains medium-length chains of fats called triglycerides. Due to their shorter length, MCTs are easily digested and many health benefits are linked to the way your body processes these fats. These fats are also found in many other foods, such as palm oil and dairy products 1. In some cases, these specific types have unique benefits. MCT oil has been shown to increase the release of two hormones that promote the feeling of fullness in the body: peptide YY and leptin 2.

From Genius to Madness

By: Bulletproof Staff. What is MCT oil? These fats occur naturally in coconut oil, palm oil, goat milk and breast milk. MCT oils are commonly made from coconut oil or palm oil. Bulletproof MCT oils are made from pure coconut oil. MCTs are largely missing from the typical Western diet, so adding MCT oil to your daily routine can be a powerful way to get the benefits of multi-tasking smart fats. MCT oil can help you quickly lose weight.

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