Heaven of freedom questions and answers

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heaven of freedom questions and answers

Eugene Ionesco Quotes (Author of Rhinoceros)

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Published 09.12.2018

Questions & Answers about Heaven with Kat Kerr

Where the Mind is Without Fear (Summary and Questions and Answers) - Free download as Word action, into a heaven of freedom where fear does not exist.

‘Heaven of freedom’ in Where the Mind is Without Fear

This poem shows his love for his country. As expressed in the poem, he seems to feel very deeply about his country. He hopes to have a country where people are mentally free and open-minded. He prays for India to be a place where there is truth and knowledge and, above all, the guidance of God. Summary of the Poem The poet prays to God to make his country such a place where there is no fear and people can live respectfully, where knowledge has no boundaries. A place where the world or its people are not divided on various basis of narrow-mindedness..

Answer : The poet is speaking to God. He is requesting to God to free his country from the shackles of superstitions and prejudices laid down by the age old customs and practices. He talks about a nation where knowledge is not restricted by narrow ideas and is free of cost. Answer : According to the poet, petty considerations of nationality, caste and creed should not divide the people. Prejudice and superstitions which narrow the mind and divide the people should be a thing of the past.

Rajasthan Board Solutions for Class 8 English Chapter 13 Where the Mind is Without Fear

Mere political freedom was not enough to Tagore. He realized the need for the feeling of freedom to be felt, and the consequences to be reflected in the production and progress of the nation. According to the poet, to make our country a heaven of freedom, the people should be fearless, knowledgeable, truthful, rational, hard-working and broad-minded. They should possess the good human virtues to avoid any harm done to themselves and to other. Moreover, people often get stuck by the superstitious beliefs or the class and caste divisions among themselves. These irrational elements in the society limit our thoughts and actions, thus curbing the possibility of any advancement of the nation.

Rabindranath Tagore reshaped Bengali literature and music and was the first Asian to be awarded with the Nobel Prize for Gitanjali, in He has written multiple novels, poems, short stories, travelogues, dramas and thousands of songs. His writings are influenced by both Indian and Western traditions. Where the Mind is Without Fear is one of his famous poems. It was originally composed in Bengali, under the title Prarthana, meaning prayer.

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