Pandora hearts jack and alice

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pandora hearts jack and alice

Alethia’s review of Pandora Hearts, Vol. 16

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Pandora hearts best scene

Jack Vessalius

Scarlet stained his clothes as a startled Alice stared at him. Her purple eyes were wide, and she clutched a pillow in her arms. She was dressed in a pale blue dress. A-All that blood…are you hurt? The ground was shaking, and I was so scared…! The blonde-haired man suddenly grabbed her shoulders.

Even though Jack despised her, he needed her, which is why he remained rather unattached following her death until Levi came and told him of Alice and the.
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In the beginning they had an awkward tension-based start, Lacie had revealed that Jack was afraid of Oswald's gaze. However, Levi noticed that Oswald would go out to meet Jack even though he outright claimed that Jack made him feel uneasy. Upon Levi's surprise that Oswald would go with Jack despite their tense start, Lacie corrected that Oswald likes and is interested in Jack. After spending time with each other they became best friends with Jack being confused, but appreciative that Oswald stayed by his side even though Oswald said that Jack made his skin crawl. Later in canon after Oswald took the title , they made a pocketwatch for the two of them with Oswald's composition, 'Lacie', and spent a good deal of time with each other. Glen confessed talks four times as much when he's around Jack; which, looking at the few words since, seems to mean that he is very introverted.

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