Robotics and intelligent machines science project

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robotics and intelligent machines science project

Artificial Intelligence: Thinking Machines and Smart Robots with Science Projects for Kids by Angie Smibert

What is artificial intelligence? How is artificial intelligence going to change our lives?

Alexa, play my favorite song! Alexa, shut the garage door! Imagine a world in which you simply call out a request while sitting in your living room and have a small computer comply. Suddenly, the driving beat of your favorite song fills the air while in the distance you hear the grind of the garage door coming down.

This scenario is no longer science fiction! Our world is becoming increasingly inhabited by machines that can talk to us, listen to us, perform as asked, and even solve problems with no direction from humans. A machine with artificial intelligence is one that can perceive its environment and change its computing and behavior to reflect that environment, while using tools at hand to solve problems or reach goals.

In Artificial Intelligence: Thinking Machines and Smart Robots with Science Activities for Kids, readers ages 9 to 12 learn the early definitions of AI and discover how these definitions, and the tests that are applied to determine whether a machine has AI or not, have changed as machines have grown increasingly competent in unexpected ways. Through a combination of science activities and student-paced learning, readers discover the AI machines of today and their uses in various fields, such as entertainment, the military, and health care.

What about the future? How will AI affect the way we understand and integrate with technology and with each other? How can AI improve our lives? Is there anything dangerous about AI? What are the ethical issues surrounding the use of AI? Essential questions such as these promote critical examination of issues from all sides, while primary sources and science-minded engineering activities, such as experimenting with the programs Sound Net and iNaturalist and making a model of a neural network, let readers have a blast learning about the age of thinking machines were in right now.
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Best Robotics Projects for 2019 - Top DIY Robotic Projects

Robots are made to go and do what humans either can not, or do not want to do. They are used in hundreds of ways from exploring Mars, to working tirelessly on.
Angie Smibert

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Today, robotics is one of the best technologies which deals with design, working and applications of Robots, computer systems for their control and information processing. This technology also deals with automated machines and is very useful in manufacturing process. As a result, many people show lot of interest on this technology from engineering level itself. For that reason, here we are listing out some useful and best robotics projects ideas for engineering students. These project ideas include some interesting concepts like line follower robot, bomb detection robot, fire fighting robot, DTMF based mobile phone controlled robot, etc.

Design a Robot

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  1. Simply put, a robot is anything that can move on its own, from a toy car to a remote control bomb diffusion device.

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