A girl and her bike

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a girl and her bike

The Adventures of a Girl Called Bicycle by Christina Uss

A determined 12-year-old girl bikes across the country.

Introverted Bicycle has lived most of her life at the Mostly Silent Monastery in Washington, D.C. When her guardian, Sister Wanda, announces that Bicycle is going to attend a camp where she will learn to make friends, Bicycle says no way and sets off on her bike for San Francisco to meet her idol, a famous cyclist, certain he will be her first true friend. Who knew that a ghost would haunt her handlebars and that she would have to contend with bike-hating dogs, a bike-loving horse, bike-crushing pigs, and a mysterious lady dressed in black. Over the uphills and downhills of her journey, Bicycle discovers that friends are not such a bad thing to have after all, and that a dozen cookies really can solve most problems.
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Christina Uss

Girl and her bike

YouTube is a treasure trove of pretty amazing stuff. We're lucky to live in a time when riders from all over the world have the tools and the platform to share their adventures. At RideApart, we love to hear those stories and we thought we would share them with you so you too can discover someone new and really awesome. The name of the channel is self explanatory: AGHB takes us on her two-wheel adventures as this girl next door pushes further the limits of her comfort zone. With a camera strapped to her helmet, she takes us along for the ride as she tries her hand—or foot—at new things, including jumping off rocks on a dirt bike and popping wheelies. Thanks to the mic in her helmet, we get to hear her thought process, her explanations, and her reactions to whatever it is she is tackling.

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Just a girl and her bike

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