Horse tripping and falling over

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horse tripping and falling over

Falling Quotes (244 quotes)

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Published 09.12.2018

Horse Falls Compilation - Epic Equestrian Falls and Fails - Best Bad Horse Riding and Pony Fails

Hi Just wondering if anyone had any experience of their horse tripping and falling over whist being ridden. Our horse did this to my daughter for.

Oops! My Horse Stumbles!

The most obvious place to look when a horse begins to stumble regularly is his feet because they are after all what he is tripping over, right? In fact, a tripping problem that shows up acutely often has nothing to do with his feet. Before you call your farrier, rule out faulty mechanics in the rest of the body. Tripping and stumbling often develops from poor movement patterns that restrict the front limbs, progressing sometimes to the extent that a horse will fall all the way to his knees. Riding a horse that is scrambling like this can be unnerving, and it also causes a fair bit of worry for owners. They want to know what is going wrong.

Green horses under saddle are better off shod with light plates than . more clumsy may lead to stumbling or falling–making the horse less safe.
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Get With The Beat

Question: I have a mare I have been riding since July. She was out of shape when I started riding her and I built her up by riding just a little bit more each time. In the past couple months she keeps falling on her knees at a walk for no reason. What would cause a horse to do this? What can I do for her?

Does your horse stumble while you ride or drive it? All horses stumble occasionally, just as we trip over our own toes sometimes, for no reason at all. Some horses are more 'trail wise' then others and know how to keep their balance over rough terrain. Others have to learn this. Muscle fatigue can cause stumbling and foot dragging. This is more common in unfit horses, or young horses.

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