Difference between public and audience

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difference between public and audience

Quote by Alfred Hitchcock: “There is a distinct difference between "suspens...”

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Published 10.12.2018

Difference between audience and sadhaks

Definition of Public vs. Mass Communication

Public communications and mass communications are similar fields. Both fields explore practices and trends of effective communication to large group audiences. The terms are sometimes used interchangeably. However, there are differences between public communications and mass communications and between the degree programs that correspond with each of these fields. Public communications denotes communications between persons as equals.

College Life

I was petrified. I had a piece of paper in my hand with words on that, due to my nervousness, looked like something out of the Matrix., The word audience and community are often used together, but are both completely different. Within the social media world, we are encouraged to build our audience to have a conversation with those who share our beliefs and interests.

In public relations and communication science , publics are groups of individual people , and the public a. In public relations and communication science, it is one of the more ambiguous concepts in the field. The name "public" originates with the Latin publicus also poplicus , from populus , to the English word ' populace ', and in general denotes some mass population "the people" in association with some matter of common interest. So in political science and history, a public is a population of individuals in association with civic affairs, or affairs of office or state. In social psychology, marketing, and public relations, a public has a more situational definition.

An audience is a group of people that receives information but does not take action in regards to the information they have received. From that audience, comes a public, which is a group of people who do choose to make a change in regards to the information or idea they were just given. I consider our social media class a public, because we are given readings and blog assignments and the rest of the class responds, posts, and tweets about interesting aspects of the information given to them. By taking the different ideas given to us each week not only by our professor but our fellow classmates, we become a public by discussing such ideas and being analytical, constructive thinkers on the varying subjects. From that audience I get many comments and questions from people inquiring these ideas. I consider these people my very own twitter public.


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