Blade and soul error 1000

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blade and soul error 1000

Escape (The 1000 Revolution, #2) by Pippa DaCosta

Book 2

Thereís no quicker way to get yourself killed than trusting someone in the black. ~ Caleb.

Caleb Shepperd knows Fran has her own motives for helping him escape prison, but heís not about to let a little thing like past betrayal stand in the way of his next paycheck. Until heís forced to meet with the sexy and psychotic pirate, Adelina Cande. Theyíve met before. When he seduced her, cleared out her credit account, and left her for dead in the black.

Caleb figures Adelina holds a grudge when she plants a bomb on his ship and demands he steal a fleet freighter for her, that is, if he ever wants to fly again. Get him drunk enough and heíll try anything once, but this time, he has to balance his own greed, with the needs of a vengeful pirate and the scheming of his dubious second-in-command, Fran. What could possibly go wrong?

In the heart of Chitec headquarters, the synth known as #1001 enlists an eager young technician to aid in her escape. But itís not freedom she wants. Itís revenge. The memories of a life that donít belong to her demand she finishes what she started. She believes she killed Caleb, now shes targeting Chitec CEO Chen Hung, and not even the hopeful technician can dissuade her.

Synthetics dont make mistakes.

She thought she knew the truth.

She was wrong.


The fast paced sexy sci-fi series continues in Girl From Above 2: Escape. Reviewers call the 1000 Revolution Series an exciting mix of Firefly, Ex_Machina, and Blade Runner. WARNING: Adult content. 18+ only.
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Blade & Soul Error Disconnect. (1000)(132,10060) Part2

Ah, yes. My favorite client-crashing error is back. Only this time, it doesn't seem like turning my graphics all the way down helps any; I've had.
Pippa DaCosta

Problems running the 64bit client (Faulting module path "ntdll.dll" 1001/1000)

Many have this issue currently, we are all discussing it in another thread if you'd like to join us and try out different "solutions" we are trying to find. Been trying to get into the game for awhile now. It used to be , now it's another Bullshit Error. Has anyone finally came up with a Fix. Happens to me also. In game there's no error.

By Tshofelo , January 15, in Bug Reports. Ah, yes. My favorite client-crashing error is back. Only this time, it doesn't seem like turning my graphics all the way down helps any; I've had the game crash several times even after this method of "fix. I finally caved and used the last of my holiday money to buy a Founder's Pack out of sheer hype, only to have this stupid error rear its ugly head at me again for Head Start. For background - whenever I try to load into the Bandit's Hideout instance, the game starts to run really huge going from 1.

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By Arcano , February 12, in Bug Reports. Been having the same problem since patch. Been many posts about this but no answers from anyone at NCSoft. Ran into the same issues. What I've done is Then did the following Click the "Start" button to bring up the Start Menu.

By Strangera , July 13, in Bug Reports. I had played during the alpha and closed beta of NA BnS but never give this game a try after released. I just started this game three day ago and I been getting constant disconnection of this game with this error which is driving me crazy. It like I can't even log in before the error hit my screen. After meddling with my firewall I managed to log in and reach lvl 10 but this time I get input lag with my character not doing anything and this same error pop out ending the game client.

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