Guns germs and steel video questions episode 2

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guns germs and steel video questions episode 2

Mars Needs Moms! by Berkeley Breathed

I really did not like this book. However, I have to start by acknowledging the fantastic illustrations (If I could rate them separately, Id give the illustrations 4 stars and the story 1).

Onward to the plot.

The protagonist is a little boy who cant stand his mother and sees her as a nagging tyrant out to ruin his life. One day she is kidnapped by martians seeking moms for their motherless planet. The boy follows the martians and ends up almost dying in the unfavorable martian atmosphere. His mother finds him and sacrifices her own life to save him, though thankfully she ends up being rescued at the last minute by the aliens. In the end, he comes to realize that he loves (?) his mother. Or rather, that he appreciates her in terms of what she can do for him.

So the basic plot is cute and good - no issues there. My problem comes with the treatment of moms. In Breatheds story, the value of a mom is solely to serve their child. The kid comes to value his mom because she drives him places and does thing FOR him. According to all the reasons given for why a mom has any worth, a working mom would be 100% equal to a nanny or day-care provider.

If the kid had come to realize his mom had value because of how much she loved him (and he her), how they did things together, how much she cared for him, etc., I would have really liked the book. As is, I just cant stand how he ties a womans worth to being, for all intents and purposes, an indentured servants to her kids.
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Guns, Germs, and Steel Documentary - Jared Diamond

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Berkeley Breathed

Guns, Germs and Steel Video Worksheets -- PDF Printable Version

New Guineans are clever and adaptive people who have lived on their island for tens of thousands of years, so why did they remain a primitive stone-age society well into the 20th century? It is a concise, fast-moving, and visually helpful summary of the main argument in his book. Part 2 takes Diamond to South America where he examines why Europeans were able to conquer the vast and powerful Inca Empire. This is the most explicitly and distinctively historical part of the documentary. Part 3 brings Diamond to Africa to examine the biological and geographical limits of European colonial expansion.

Voiceover: Spaniards attacked the imperial army of the Incas in the highlands of Peru. Before the day was out, they had massacred 7, people, and taken control of the Inca Empire. Not a single Spanish life was lost in the process. Why was the balance of power so uneven between Old World and New? And why, in the centuries that followed, were Europeans the ones who conquered so much of the globe? These are questions that fascinate Professor Jared Diamond.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing online guns germs and steel pdf

This lesson is designed for students studying geography, world history, economics, and life science in grades Click on the list below to jump down to a particular sub-section. Participate in class discussion using their own opinions supported by facts, examples, and reasons. Use listening and note taking skills to view the film segment and complete the accompanying viewing guide accurately. Utilize a number of primary sources to conduct research about weapons from a specific time period. Relevant National Standards: World History Standard Understands how European society experienced political, economic, and cultural transformation in the age of global intercommunication between and Standard Understands the economic, political, and cultural interrelations among peoples of Africa, Europe, and the Americas between and

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