Freddie mercury and jim hutton

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freddie mercury and jim hutton

Mercury and Me by Jim Hutton

The relationship between Freddie Mercury and Jim Hutton evolved over several months in 1984 and 1985. Even when they first slept together Hutton had no idea who Mercury was, and when the star told him his name it meant nothing to him. Hutton worked as a barber at the Savoy Hotel and retained his job and his lodgings in Sutton, Surrey, for two years after moving in with Mercury, and then worked as his gardener. He was never fully assimilated into Mercurys jet-setting lifestyle, nor did he want to be, but from 1985 until Mercurys death in 1991 he was closer to him than anyone and knew all Mercurys closest friends: the other members of Queen, Elton John, David Bowie, Phil Collins to name a few. Ever present at the countless Sunday lunch gatherings and opulent parties, Hutton has a wealth of anecdotes about as well as a deep understanding of, Mercurys life. He also nursed Mercury through his terminal illness, often held him throughout the night in his final weeks, and was with him as he died. No one can tell the story of the last few years of Mercurys private life - the ecstasies and the agonies - more accurately or honestly than Jim Hutton.
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Jim Hutton: Freddie Mercury and Me

Jim Hutton Reveals How Freddie Mercury Was Backstabbed By His Ex-boyfriend For ?32K

Freddie Mercury - , lead singer of 70s hard rock quartet Queen, performing live on stage. Jim Hutton is most notably known for being the partner of former Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. Before meeting Mercury, Hutton was a hairdresser in his hometown in County Carlow before moving to London, where he met his future boyfriend. Hutton and Mercury shared an extremely private life away from the cameras. So what do we know about Jim Hutton?

The whole story of Freddie Mercury has to include Jim Hutton. He was a closed book during his lifetime when questioned about his sexuality, although it was widely speculated that he was gay or bisexual. Mercury was diagnosed with Aids in but this was not publicly announced until the day before he died, in We both thought our relationship, and being gay, was our business. The tragic death of Mercury was a sad loss for the world which grieved for this rarely gifted, free-spirited musician.

Nevertheless — and despite plenty of adversity and a tragic ending to their story — this pairing was, for both men, the relationship of a lifetime. Hutton, born in Carlow, Ireland in , was working as a hairdresser and failed to even recognize the singer. Of course, dating a celebrity was not without its trials for Hutton. He recalled how one day they had a huge fight after he saw Mercury leaving Heaven with someone else, which the singer claimed he had done just to make his partner jealous. On stage, Mercury was the ultimate showman who would electrify crowds.


Jim Hutton, a "handsome and charismatic Irishman," worked as a hairdresser in London before meeting the music icon and becoming his lover. The duo would go on to spend the remaining seven years of Mercury's life together. Hutton, one of ten children born to a family in Carlow, was working as an apprentice hairdresser in the Savoy Hotel when he met Mercury. Their transition into a monogamous relationship was far from straightforward, as Mercury was at the height of his fame. He told me he did it to make me jealous.

However, the film leaves out many details about both relationships, tweaking and glossing over precious facts. In , Austin was a year-old employee at an English boutique called Biba when she met the year-old Mercury. We grew together. The pair quickly began dating. Bohemian Rhapsody steers close to this origin story, with Lucy Boynton playing Austin.

Bohemian Rhapsody details the life of Freddie Mercury, the lead singer and main creative driving force behind the band Queen. But what happened to Jim Hutton in real life? Unfortunately, Hutton is no longer with us. Mercury died due to complications from AIDS in Instead, it was lung cancer that took Hutton's life, and the Irish native died at the age of 60 on New Year's Day, , according to Irish Central.

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  1. Jim Hutton: The Story Of Freddie Mercury’s Longtime Partner. Discover the true story of Jim Hutton and Queen singer Freddie Mercury's relationship that was only hinted at in "Bohemian Rhapsody." Jim Hutton’s first meeting with Freddie Mercury was inauspicious, to say the least.

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