Painting artists and their work

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painting artists and their work

Quote by Seth Godin: “Art isnt only a painting. Art is anything that...”

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Published 10.12.2018

8 Artists on Painting

1, as it's actually titled, speaks to the artist's ambition to pursue art for art's sake. James Abbott McNeill Whistler painted the work in his London.

The best paintings of all time

As for that famous smile, its enigmatic quality has driven people crazy for centuries. This gets into the debate over whether or not Vermeer employed a pre-photographic device called a camera obscura to create the image. He portrays her looking over her shoulder, locking her eyes with the viewer as if attempting to establish an intimate connection across the centuries. Venus is seen being blown ashore on a giant clamshell by the wind gods Zephyrus and Aura as the personification of spring awaits on land with a cloak. Unsurprisingly, Venus attracted the ire of Savonarola, the Dominican monk who led a fundamentalist crackdown on the secular tastes of the Florentines.

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If you want to talk about a modern-day art medium success story, look no farther than the nearest brush loaded with acrylic paint. It has put thousands and counting!

Have you heard of the French painter Ernest Meissonier? The reverse is also true, with Vincent van Gogh. Looking at famous paintings past and present can teach you many things, including composition and handling of paint. Though probably the most important lesson is that you should ultimately paint for yourself, not for a market or posterity. As the photo shows, it's a huge painting: xcm x". Rembrandt finished it in

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  1. Leonardo expresses the human condition in a nutshell — indeed, his rendition of the womb resembles an opened horsechestnut casing.

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