Values lifestyle and ideology in media

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values lifestyle and ideology in media

Ideology Quotes (325 quotes)

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Published 11.12.2018

Why does ideology still matter in media analysis?

Soc. 118 Media, Culture & Society Chapter Five: Media and Ideology.

Ideology helps us to explain how unequal and unjust social relations are maintained in society. More specifically, the concept has been central in attempts to explain how economic and social inequalities in capitalist societies are justified and appear to be normal. If capitalism only works in the interests of a small number of people, as many argue, the majority have to be convinced that the capitalist system is natural. So despite the failings of capitalism, such as economic and social inequality, exploitation of workers, and so on, ideology prohibits any alternative perspectives from being taken seriously. Theories of ideology attempt to explain why people who are disadvantaged by the capitalist system seem to make concessions for it. We encounter ideology in situations in which unequal social relations appear to be normal and difficult to challenge. For example, ideology plays a role in how we might think about situations such as poverty, and emerges in questions such as: are the poor to blame for their poverty?

Values- is important to media because if post in social media is very important to careful with a post in a social media. Because other people post the status especially with the hack of the facebook, instagram and other social media. Because other people is, copying the name to be able to hack. And some other people who use other name to cheat and heat the family who name the people copied. And to avoid the hack we need to via our accounts in order that we protect ourselves and our families to the hackers and scammers on the tin and everyone. Especially the victimized by scammers post we need to protect our accounts for our behalf and avoid post warmth of scammers. Lifestyle- is important to a post in social media and be careful to create the account and to social media are way of limiting and denote the interest, hobbies, behavior , opinion of an individual.

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Ideology as a set of social practices

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