Harley and ivy best friends

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harley and ivy best friends

Harley & Ivy Meet Betty and Veronica (2017-) #1 by Paul Dini

Free college tuition for all Riverdale residents?! That’s the plan-after the town drains the wetlands that lie between it and Gotham City and then builds a new campus. The only snag? A certain botany-obsessed super-villain. When Poison Ivy enlists her bestie, Harley, to kidnap both Veronica Lodge, daughter of Riverdale’s most important citizen, and her friend Betty, she’s counting on some assistance-and the mayhem that ensues will probably work as well! DC Comics and Archie are proud to present the adventure of a lifetime for all these best pals. Their hijinks are brought to you by the real-life team-up of Paul Dini (HARLEY QUINN) and Marc Andreyko (WONDER WOMAN ’77), with art by Laura Braga (DC BOMBSHELLS)!
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Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy- Best Friends


It didn't take long for Harley Quinn to become one of Batman 's most mainstream villains. It propelled her into multiple comic threads, a major role on the series, and into movies. It wasn't just this psychotic criminal's wacky sense of humor or her incredibly unhealthy relationship with The Joker that made fans adore her, it was also the bond that she shared with another one of Batman's most famous foes. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have one of the most engaging, complex, and explored relationships in Batman history. This has led to an assortment of complicated scenarios between the two women, The Joker, and even Batman and Catwoman. Their relationship was delved into more deeply when the two got their own shared comics as well as in the Gotham City Sirens series.

Heroes in Crisis ' finale changed more than Wally West's position in the DC Universe; the series also reframed Harley Quinn's relationship with those around her and reinvented Poison Ivy In the final issue of the event miniseries, the previously dead Poison Ivy was reborn, having merged her essence with a rose seed she gave Harley to plant. The rose grew into an incubating pod, and a new, plant-based Ivy was born. The six-issue miniseries arrives on September 4, and unlike Harley's solo title, which often exists in its own Coney Island-based reality, will be firmly based in the main DCU continuity. The solicitation text promises that the pair's arc will be affected not only by their new, post-Sanctuary status quo, but by the recently launched Year of the Villain event.

The Harley and Ivy relationship is one that has long fascinated me. Credit to Fanpop. She works at her best as a thief, swiping jewels for the most part, letting the physicality of the scenarios left to Joker and his more physically imposing henchman whom are hired precisely for their muscle while she in effect offers the brains. Even Batgirl, the hero, is usually more physically combative than Harley usually is or arguably may ever actually be. Credit to imgarcade.

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Doctor Pamela Isley is some 40 years older than Harley in publication history, but the two have enjoyed a relationship on any number of levels throughout the 25 years that the Clown Princess of Crime has been smashing hearts with her synonymous mallet. In keeping with the style of the show the episode is sweet and funny and singularly highlights what makes each of them a true threat to the citizens of Gotham City. - As the title suggests, it depicts the first acquaintance of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy , who team up and embark on a crime spree.

As soon as the news hit that Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn will star in her own film, titled "Gotham City Sirens," the comic book world has been abuzz about what other DC Comics characters might also appear. The most likely candidate is Poison Ivy, as she actually was a part of the comic series of the same name. However, Harley and Ivy's relationship was established well before that title debuted in , and has continued beyond it. While we wait for the official announcement of Poison Ivy's involvement and casting, we thought it would be interesting to look back at the history of Harley and Ivy's relationship on television and in comics. In it, Harley Quinn and Joker break up after he insulted her one time too many and, you know, threw her out of their hideout.

It first aired on January 18, It's another night in Gotham City, and once again the Joker is fleeing the Batmobile in his own car, with Harley in the driver's seat. When Joker orders her to turn, she protests, but he orders again, and she does so — causing the car to careen down a construction hill. Irritably, he snaps at her to hand him his gun, which she does after rummaging through his bag. He takes gleeful aim at the Batmobile's tires, but the gun turns out to be a dud.


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