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del sol women and teen center

The McCloud Home for Wayward Girls by Wendy Delsol

A compelling novel about a bed-and-breakfast that houses three generations of women- and their many secrets.

In the early 1960s, Ruby, a spunky unwed teen mother, was wooed and won over by the founder of the McCloud Home. Now, forty years later, the historic property has been converted into an inn that Ruby runs with one of her daughters, Jill. When Jills fourteen-year-old daughter begins to search for the identity of her father, she sets in motion events that will test the bonds that bind mothers, daughters, and sisters.

Jill unwittingly aids the forces of upheaval when she agrees to host the wake of the town matriarch. As the guests-including the matriarchs handsome son and Jills vivacious, irresponsible sister Jocelyn- return to the small town, the convergence of people and memories uncovers rivalries, sparks romance, recalls heartbreak, and reveals a shocking family secret, one that could separate the McCloud women forever or lead them to the renewal of their powerful, enduring connection.
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Del Sol Women & Teen Center

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