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Agatha Christie Quotes (Author of And Then There Were None) (page 49 of 70)

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And Then There Were None (1945) AGATHA CHRISTIE

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Ten guilty strangers are trapped on an island. One by one they are accused of murder; one by one they start to die. In this superlative mystery comedy statuettes of little soldier boys on the mantel of a house on an island off the coast of Devon fall to the floor and break one by one as those in the house succumb to a diabolical avenger. A nursery rhyme tells how each of the ten "soldiers" met his death until there were none. Eight guests who have never met each other or their apparently absent host and hostess are lured to the island and, along with the two house servants, marooned. A mysterious voice accuses each of having gotten away with murder and then one drops dead - poisoned.


Nothing sends a dinner party downhill faster than an accusation of murder. So imagine the chaos that erupts when a disembodied voice—thundering from everywhere and nowhere at once—lays out not one but ten charges of unlawful, unpunished killing. A drug overdose or something more suspicious? The victim was a coked-up playboy. The guests, including a judge Charles Dance , a WWI general Sam Neill , a wealthy do-gooder Miranda Richardson , and two creeping servants Noah Taylor and Anna Maxwell Martin trade tales of misleading invitations from their elusive hosts, a millionaire couple whom no one has ever met. Victims die horribly of poison, sometimes in front of their loved ones, and murderers are motivated by savage emotions: jealousy, greed, a general callousness toward others. Confessions, when they come, can be as vicious as the killings themselves.

Forgot your password? Started by Moorman , July 9, If there is already a thread about this, my bad. I like Walter Huston so I had to check this out. I knew nothing about the movie or the book that influenced it.

And Then There Were None — The popular and prolific Agatha Christie is remembered for her signature creations, the detectives Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, but her best-selling novel features no detective at the center of the mystery. Christie also wrote a stage version, with a rewritten climax that let a couple of the victims survive in the name of a hopeful ending, and it was adapted for the screen numerous times, almost all borrowing the happy ending of the play. This TV British TV miniseries makes some minor changes to the crimes but is the first English language adaptation to preserve the grim ending of the novel. The superior adaptation was produced to celebrate the th anniversary of the birth of Christie. An edited, two-part version played on Lifetime in the U. The complete, uncut, original British version makes its streaming debut on AcornTV.

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