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batman and robin new 52

Batman and Robin (2011) Series by Peter J. Tomasi

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Batman: Damian! You Will Be Robin!

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Batman and Robin, Volume 1: Born to Kill

For Pre Flashpoint volume 1, refer to Batman and Robin. Written by: Peter J. Tomasi 1 - Present. Following Damian Wayne's death in the pages of Batman, Incorporated , for five months the title had a rotating cast of supporting characters, changing the volume's name for each issue with a slightly modified indicia of the unique title followed by the original title with issue number in brackets. The issues were then numbered with.

Who needs another super villain plot when you can get something you never see in the other bat-titles especially right now : The characters acting happy! Not just happy either, but doing the mundane things that fanboys like myself end up questioning like Does Batman pack snacks and bottled water in the utility belt? What does Damian dream about? It starts out with Bruce, Damian, and Alfred calling it a day and then they hit the hay. Then we see what each character dreams about that night. At least it did for me. Just go check it out.

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The debut of the series followed the events of " Batman R. Morrison returned to writing the characters after being the ongoing writer on Batman from issues — and — While writing for this title, Morrison simultaneously wrote the miniseries The Return of Bruce Wayne and finished his run on the title with issue 16, before moving onto the next phase of his narrative in Batman Incorporated. In an interview with IGN before the release of the first issue, Morrison detailed that the tone of the series would be a "reverse" of the normal dynamic between Batman and Robin, with, "a more light-hearted and spontaneous Batman and a scowling, bad ass Robin. Batman and Robin welcomes new readers! When asked if the series would deal with the new Batman being unable to fill Bruce Wayne's proverbial shoes, Morrison answered, "When I started out I had that in mind, and I thought we'd finally prove that nobody else could be Batman.

Even so, Robin refuses to fight, sure that he can break through th. In the bowels of the Gotham Zoo, Robin is upset to discover that his father, the Batman has been affected by Joker Venom and is set to attack him. Even so, Robin refuses to fight, sure that he can break through the Joker's power of suggestion. The Joker warns, however, that the only way to escape is to kill Batman. Remembering the words of Sun Tsu , Robin chooses to impose his will on his opponent, rather than let his enemy's will to be imposed on him. Using a Batarang , he activates a switch, opening a hole in the floor, and allowing himself an escape route.

Born to Kill is a Batman storyline published as part of The New It's the debut storyline of. The story introduces a new villain, Henri Ducard 's son who becomes the assassin Nobody. Batman decides that instead of remembering his parents by honoring the anniversary of their deaths, he is instead going to honor the way they lived by celebrating their wedding anniversary. They take down a group of criminals stealing from a nuclear reactor, and Damian is heavily chastised for allowing their deaths. The mysterious killer Nobody murders the Batman of Moscow in a vat of acid, announcing that he must stop Bruce Wayne and his Batman Incorporated. Realizing that Damian is a natural born killer and he must find a way to nurture it out of him, Bruce worries that he might be as guilty of a parent as Talia.

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  1. Batman and Robin (Volume 2) is one of "The New 52" ongoing series published after Flashpoint. From issues , the series was renamed Batman and, with .

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