Blonde and brown hair best friends

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blonde and brown hair best friends

Importance Of A Smile Quotes (11 quotes)

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11 Best TV Besties

Shelby Marcus [1] is one of the main protagonists of Best Friends Whenever. Shelby is Cyd 's best friend and the two girls live together in Shelby's house, due to Cyd's parents leaving for Peru. Shelby and Cyd discover their power to time travel together by messing around with a science machine. Shelby is a girly, quirky, cheerful, and intelligent young teen. She always likes to keep it safe and is always struggling to keep her and Cyd out of trouble.

There will not be a fight to the death about who gets to wear the signature blue dress and who has to bow out and fake a smile as Princess Aurora. No one will have to settle to be Snow White, either. If the two of you are roommates and share a bathroom, chances are that there will be stray strands of hair all over the floor.
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Shelby Marcus

Do Guys Prefer Blonde or Brunette Hair?

Breakups, murders, attempted murders, and arrests—the PLL girls win for most dramatic flair! But no matter what "A" throws their way, they always put each other first. Relationship with Nate? Queen Bee status and fall from the top? Check, check! S and B went through major drama together yet always managed to find their way back to each other.

Part of BFF-hood is being able to easily concoct a killer Halloween costume with little hassle — after all, you and your best friend obviously have a lot of common interests, and love dressing up for a party. However, sometimes we need a little inspiration to think of creative best friend Halloween costumes that need little explanation at the party. After all, you want to show up in something that's unique, and represents your friendship to a T. There are certain friends who have probably created a list of ideas since November , and others ahem, like me who seem to forget about Halloween until they start seeing pumpkins and decorative gourds for sale at the grocery store. While I fail to prioritize the holiday, it is without a doubt one of my absolute favorites. I mean, you don't normally get a chance to dress up like anything other than "decently prepared office worker" throughout the year, so it's definitely a time to show the world what I'm made of, whether or not it fits in the realm of "sexy.

An adorable dorky brunette on Disney channel has a beautiful blonde best friend. The two of them actually have gay crushes on each other but are oblivious. The blonde has kind of a bad reputation and the brunette is known for being a goody two shoes. The blonde teaches the brunette to be adventurous and the brunette helps the blonde be responsible. The two of them have a serious talk on a bench. Am I talking about Tyrus or Rilaya? Originally posted by alinok.

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