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The Crime at Black Dudley by Margery Allingham

A house party is under way at the remote mansion of Black Dudley, and among the guests are some very shady characters. As they playfully recreate the ritual of the Black Dudley Dagger, someone dies. Pathologist George Abbershaw suspects foul play, and when a vital item is mislaid, a gang of crooks hold the guests hostage. Will they escape the house what did happen to the Colonel and just who is the mysterious Mr Campion? Neither the story nor Albert Campion is quite as vapid and slow as you might expect....

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Game of Thrones (S03E02) - Joffrey and Margaery spends some time together.

Margery and Gladys

Comedy , Drama , TV Movie. Having returned home from the neighbourhood watch meeting, Margery Heywood Penelope Keith and her cleaner Gladys Gladwell June Brown are shocked to discover a teenage burglar. After knocking him to the ground with a vase the unlikely duo go on the run having mistakenly believed they killed him. Things continue to go wrong for Margery and Gladys when they not only end up robbing a chemists and a post office, give a small time crook a lift but also find themselves pursued by the police. When Margery discovers that Gladys had an affair with her late husband and their cleaner obsessed son Graham Adam Godley knew makes things all the more complicated as the pair end up in Blackpool. Truthfully, I had strangely high expectations for "Margery and Gladys" but ended up under whelmed by this British comedy from I don't know what it is as the movie is filled with comedy but for me it doesn't quite come together and seems more a movie with lots of ideas and jokes with a flimsy storyline filling in the gaps.

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  1. Margery & Gladys: Tilly Vosburgh, Roger Lloyd-Pack, Peter Vaughan Geoffrey Sax, Margery and Gladys (Margery & Gladys), Margery and Gladys, a wealthy, recently widowed lady, a pillar of the local neighbourhood watch.

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