Dylan moran and his wife

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dylan moran and his wife

Dylan Moran (Author of Monster)

Dylan Moran is an Irish comedian, writer, actor and filmmaker. He is best known for his sardonic observational comedy, the UK television sitcom Black Books (which he co-wrote and starred in), and his work with Simon Pegg in Shaun of the Dead and Run Fatboy Run. Moran also appeared as one of the two lead characters in the Irish black comedy titled A Film with Me in It in 2008. He is a regular performer at national and international comedy festivals including the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Just for Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Kilkenny Comedy Festival. In 2007 he was voted the 17th greatest stand-up comic on Channel 4s 100 Greatest Stand-Ups and again in the updated 2010 list as the 14th greatest stand-up comic. He lives in Scotland with his wife, Elaine, and two children.
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Dylan Moran Monster

Interview: Dylan Moran brings new show Dr Cosmos to the Fringe

The comedian speaks to The Independent about finding the ensuite dungeon in your comedy repertoire. Dylan Moran became best known for playing a hard-drinking hard-smoking maniacal bookshop owner on Channel 4 sitcom Black Books as a superlatively angry, vaguely young man back in Playing Bernard Black, he became famous for three series of forbidding the use of party as a verb, freezing a bottle of wine to make an ice lolly and using a wicker basket as a toilet. Now 43, Moran has quit smoking, doesn't particularly want to talk about drinking and is back on what can only be described as a truly enormous tour of the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand that grinds to a gradual halt in October. Unlike your ever-present Jimmy Carrs or David Mitchells , Moran has chosen not to do the comedy panel shows "I don't like them, it's as simple as that" and brings his distinctive brand of dark comedy to his latest tour, with illustrations of fables about animals, which aren't really animals, you understand.

Please refresh the page and retry. D ylan Moran has definitely mellowed. He would spend whole sets half-cut, a glass of wine and a cigarette essential to his ponderous, meandering flow. Mortality motivated your comedy even when you were young. Why the change? All that stuff, fear of mortality and complaining, is inherently funny. I've always been fascinated by the life-arc.

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Sign in. Leaving school without any qualifications at age 16, Moran quickly became attracted to stand-up comedy and debuted, in , at a comedy club in Dublin, The Comedy Cellar. A year later, he won the Channel Four comedy newcomer's "So You Think You're Funny" award at the Edinburgh Festival, and began developing his comedy routines into a one-man show, "Gurgling for Money", for which he won the prestigious Perrier Comedy Award in , and which he subsequently took to a nationwide tour of the UK.

In , aged 24, he became the youngest person to win the Perrier comedy award at the Edinburgh festival, and embarked on his first UK tour the year after. TV and film opportunities followed, often playing various iterations of his rumpled, grumpy stage persona: in the sitcom How Do You Want Me? But the show he remains best known for is cult favourite Black Books , co-created with Graham Linehan , in which Moran took centre stage as the operatically bad-tempered secondhand bookshop owner Bernard Black, a petty tyrant to his sweet-natured assistant, played by Bill Bailey. An extended love letter to booze, fags, dusty bookshops and stubborn individuality, it ran for three series, from to , and still inspires enormous affection. We all have a bit of that in us.

He carries a Irish nationality. At the early age of 2 s parents shifted place to Navan, County Meath, Ireland. At reaching the age of 16, he left the school and spent four years of life with being unemployed. In the year , he started his stand up career. He impressed all the audience and other people with his remarkable performance in the series. Dylan shows his outstanding performance in the series for a year. He received positive response from showing exceptional performance in the series.

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