Handbook of religion and mental health

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handbook of religion and mental health

Handbook of Religion and Mental Health by Harold G. Koenig

The Handbook of Religion and Mental Health is a useful resource for mental health professionals, religious professionals, and counselors. The book describes how religious beliefs and practices relate to mental health and influence mental health care. It presents research on the association between religion and personality, coping behavior, anxiety, depression, psychoses, and successes in psychotherapy and includes discussions on specific religions and their perspectives on mental health.
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Proof That Religion Is A Mental Illness

Handbook of Religion and Health is a scholarly book about the relation of spirituality and religion with physical and mental health.
Harold G. Koenig

Religious and Spiritual Factors in Depression: Review and Integration of the Research

Is religious belief bad for your health? Many Triple Helix readers may be interested in the answer to this question, and happily it is a question that can be answered from the results of a large volume of good research. The evidence for the effects of religious belief, or spirituality, upon health and disease is collected in this book. At over pages and weighing 1. The Handbook of Religion and Health is a superb example of American thoroughness and completeness.

Handbook of Religion and Health (Book Review)

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. This singular reference explores religion and spirituality as a vital, though often misconstrued, lens for building better understanding of and empathy with clients. A diverse palette of faiths and traditions is compared and contrasted occasionally with secularism , focusing on areas of belief that may inspire, comfort, or trouble clients, including health and illness, mental illness, healing, coping, forgiveness, family, inclusion, and death. From assessment and intervention planning to conducting research, these chapters guide professionals in supporting and assisting clients without minimizing or overstating their beliefs. Loue holds graduate degrees in law J. She is also ordained as an interfaith minister.

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  1. This chapter discusses the ethics, religion, and mental health. The chapter describes that in recovery from illness, illness prevention and health enhancement.

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