Josiah nott and george gliddon

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josiah nott and george gliddon

Books by George Robbins Gliddon (Author of Ancient Egypt, 1843)

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He is known for his studies into the etiology of yellow fever. Nott, the owner of nine slaves, "used his influence and his science to defend the subjugation of blacks through slavery". He claimed that "the negro achieves his greatest perfection, physical and moral, and also greatest longevity, in a state of slavery".
George Robbins Gliddon

George Gliddon

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He was born in Devonshire , England. His father, a merchant, was United States consul at Alexandria where Gliddon was taken at an early age. Gliddon became United States vice-consul and took a great interest in Egyptian antiquities.
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Josiah Nott was a leading exponent of polygenism, the belief in the idea of multiple origins of the human species. Morton, and a summation of their evidence that the races were separate and unequal species of Homo sapiens.

Nott wrote extensively on medical matters, became renowned as a medical practitioner, and took a major role in the shaping of the medical profession in Mobile and Alabama. He also achieved an international reputation as the author of books and articles on biological concepts of racial difference. He argued that there had been separate creations for different races, and his views were used to promote the idea that African Americans were inherently inferior to whites and that slavery was justified. Josiah C. His mother, Angelica Mitchell, was born in the up-country of South Carolina. After practicing medicine in Columbia, he studied for a year in Paris and in married Sarah Cantey Deas.

Count Gobineau, therefore, accepts the existing diversity of races as at least an accomplished fact and draws lessons of wisdom from the plain teachings of history. Man with him ceases to be an abstraction; each race, each nation, is made a separate study, and a fertile but unexplored field is opened to our view. Our author leans strongly towards a belief in the original diversity of races, but has evidently been much embarrassed in arriving at conclusions by religious scruples and by the want of accurate knowledge in that part of natural history which treats of the designation of species and the laws of hybridity; he has been taught to believe that two distinct species cannot produce perfectly prolific offspring, and therefore concludes that all races of men must be of one origin, because they are prolific inter se. My appendix will therefore be devoted mainly to this question of species Our author has taken the facts of Dr. Morton at second hand, and, moreover, had not before him Dr. Morton's later tables and more matured deductions

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