Kentucky dark and bloody ground

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kentucky dark and bloody ground

A Dark and Bloody Ground by Darcy OBrien

Of the three books by Darcy O’Brien I have read I must say I like this one the least. Not to say it’s not a good book. It gets a bogged down in places. The middle part of the book dragged.

We get a little history of the region the crime happened in and a lot of history of the lawyer that got sucked into the case and the girlfriend of one of the men who committed the crime, some considered her the brains of the operation, but in the end she wasnt running things, and some minor details about other crimes they were linked to. The trial is also covered in great detail, the author stops short of word for word transcripts though and that part of the book did not drag. The victims declined to be interviewed, they did not want to relive the crime again but much information was obtained from court records, trial transcripts and such.

Still a fascinating account of a crime that I believe not many people know of.
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Daniel Boone and the Opening of the American West – Part 2

These negotiations transferred a large part of what is now Kentucky to the Company. As the transaction was being completed, Dragging Canoe reportedly said that a dark cloud hung over the land, known as the Bloody Ground. In , the region was, indeed, contested.
Darcy O'Brien

"A Dark and Bloody Ground" Was a Promise, Not a Curse

There are a lot of ways that Native Americans could have entered a European American family tree. But when original native names were changed to common European names, there is almost no way to tell that they were Indian. When Indians were captured and taken prisoner, they frequently fell into slavery. Many of the women were made wives by the frontiersmen. Constant sleuthing among the genealogical message boards is one way, although much of the information is hearsay, much of it is not. These ancestors are dead and gone but sometimes their stories live on. Message boards are a great place to find them.

As of July 4, , most of my blogs are on indefinite sabbatical, but you can still keep up with me on Twitter , my writing and Florida blogs, and JSH News! Excellent post!! As always, your research is great. Don't you just love this state! Post a Comment. Sunday, October 31, Land of Tomorrow. It's often been repeated in years past - by me , even - that there's an old legend about Kentucky's name coming from a Native American word for "dark and bloody ground".

The popular belief that the name Kentucky means "Dark and Bloody Ground" is apparently without foundation. Yet through the years, the image has persisted in literary and oral tradition as a description of the Kentucky country. One traditional explanation sites Delaware legend in which the ancient tribe of the Lenni-Lanape allied with the Iroquois to fight the Allegewi, the original inhabitants of Kentucky. In a single bloody battle the Allegewi were virtually exterminated. The land where an entire nation had been eradicated became known as the "dark and bloody ground". The violent clashes between the Iroquois and the southern Indians only helped reinforce the image.

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  1. One of the most common myths you'll hear about early Nashville history is that, when white settlers were negotiating for the land here, a Cherokee leader, Dragging Canoe, tried to warn the white people that this land was cursed.

  2. The Myth of the “Dark and Bloody Ground”1 asks us to believe that before people of European and African descent arrived in Kentucky, Native.

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