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married and alone doug weiss

Books by Douglas Weiss (Author of Clean)

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Published 14.12.2018

Dr. Doug Weiss - Married and Alone, Part 2/3 - - July 28, 2014

I was married and alone. Very alone. But not very married.
Douglas Weiss

Douglas Weiss

Show annotations. Subscribe 3. Guest: Dr. Douglas Weiss -- When we marry we hope to have a life of closeness and connectedness with our spouse. Surprisingly some spouses realize after their wedding that they feel married and alone.

Douglas Weiss, Ph. He has been married to his wife Lisa, his business partner and co-worker at the Heart to Heart Counseling Center, for over twenty-five years and they have two children.
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Feeling alone, disconnected, and maybe even unloved by your spouse Why has your dream of marriage turned out to be married and alone Intimacy Anorexia may be the unseen pattern in your marriage causing the pain and loneliness. Douglas Weiss, Ph. Weiss believes that once Intimacy Anorexia is identified, it can be treated. Intimacy Anorexia is the active withholding of emotional, spiritual and sexual intimacy from the spouse. In this very helpful book you will learn: The four causes of Intimacy Anorexia The ten characteristics of Intimacy Anorexia That Intimacy Anorexia is an addictionThe strategies an Intimacy Anorexic employs to create and maintain distance in the marriage The tools to start healing from Intimacy Anorexia Finally you can have hope again. Hope to be open hearted, in love, love sex, and even like each other again. Intimacy Anorexia is real and although the pain for the spouse is significant, it does not have to stay that way!

Doug Weiss has been featured on Oprah and Dr. Phil as an expert in relationships, sexuality and addiction. For people that are hopeless, confused, or frustrated about their relationships and are looking for real hope and healing Dr. Doug Weiss is the real deal. For over 30 years Doug himself is an inspiring example himself of what is possible in recovery to enjoy better relationships and better sex.

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