Evolution of man and society

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evolution of man and society

The Evolution of Man and Society by C.D. Darlington

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Social relations and structure of society have gradually evolved from simplicity to complexity, in the same way that technical matters and tools have become complicated reaching up to space-ships. As in natural evolution, the structure of a creature with a single cell is simple in comparison with the body of an animal or human being. With one form gradually evolving into another, the form of human society has undergone a similar process of change.
C.D. Darlington

The Evolution of Man and Society

Darlington of Oxford is one of the world's foremost biologists; justly renowned for his researches into the mechanisms of change in the world of cells, chromosomes and genetic systems. This was my starting point and it proved also to be my conclusion. There is in the whole account a continuity and a unity. It is a continuity which leaves almost nothing irrelevant; and it is a. There is a religious flavor in those last two sentences; one that directly descends from St. The epic is the form adopted by Darlington.

MAN is a social animal. This adage is not inspired by religion at all. Why should the concept be worthy of our consideration? It should be mentioned that in the current intellectual landscape Muslims only exist at the periphery with the mainland and core position occupied by those who consider the end of all means and efforts to be the fulfilment and satisfaction of animal desires. The concept of man being a social animal tends to view humans as creatures dominated by animal instincts and desires, while also interested and inclined to build societies and live gregariously. Development and evolution of societies, with all the intellectual activities too, converges at the ultimate purpose of satiating carnal desires, albeit at another level.

Much of Darwin's thinking about the evolution of societies in animals and humans has a distinctly modern feel about it and he commonly anticipates theoretical developments that only occurred years later. In The descent of man , Darwin turned to the evolution of human societies. He describes how vervet monkeys stretch out and groom each others coats and ends by telling a story illustrating the benefits of cooperation:.
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By: Darlington, Cyril Dean. Very good no dust jacket. In he began writing the book that would establish his reputation, Recent Advances in Cytology. It was published in , and created a firestorm of controversy at first, then nearly universal acceptance as a work of the first rank. He showed that the mechanisms of evolution that acted at the level of the chromosome created possibilities far more rich than the simple mutations and deletions that affect single genes. His now remarkable determination and achievement saw him become Director of the cytology department in and became director of the Innes two years later, just 15 years after his arrival as an unpaid volunteer. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society on 20 March



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