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A Fairy Friend by Sue Fliess

Soar into an enchanting miniature world full of fairies. These playful creatures are all around us, if you know just where to look. And if you want to have one come to you, build a fairy house of twigs and blooms and wait patiently for a fairy to take up residence.

Children are fascinated with miniature worlds and the fairies who inhabit them. A forever friend awaits each reader in the pages of this lovely picture book with illustrations by a Disney animator.
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Pixie Hollow - Create a Fairy and Fly!

Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue

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It is the fifth direct-to-video feature-length animated film in the DisneyToon Studios ' Tinker Bell film series and the Disney Fairies franchise , based on the character Tinker Bell from J. Barrie 's Peter and Wendy. Zarina Christina Hendricks , a very smart and inquisitive pixie dust-keeper fairy, is amazed by the magic behind pixie dust and is determined to find out all that it is capable of. She secretly experiments with some blue pixie dust, creating various colors of pixie dust; however, when she creates the pink variant, things grow wildly out of control, causing an accident in Pixie Hollow. Her supervisor, Fairy Gary, prohibits her from being a dust-keeper or working with pixie dust in any capacity. In sorrow, Zarina takes her experiments and runs away from Pixie Hollow. One year later, Pixie Hollow is celebrating the Four Seasons Festival, with performances from fairies of all the seasons.

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Create and try on party-perfect fashions, then shop in the store to create your perfect Purple Moon look! Fawn never judges a book by its cover. She is an Animal Talent Fairy who loves all animals. Scout fairy leader Nyx protects Pixie Hollow and all of the fairies. A true pro, Nyx takes her job very seriously—maybe too seriously.

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