Father and three sons story

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father and three sons story

Tell My Sons: A Fathers Last Letters by Mark M. Weber

At the pinnacle of a soaring career in the U.S. Army, Lt. Col. Mark M. Weber was tapped to serve in a high-profile job within the Afghan Parliament as a military advisor. Weeks later, a routine physical revealed stage IV intestinal cancer in the thirty-eight-year-old father of three. Over the next two years, he would fight a desperate battle he wasn’t trained for, with his wife and boys as his reluctant but willing fighting force.

When Weber realized that he was not going to survive this final tour of combat, he began to write a letter to his boys, so that as they grew up without him, they would know what his life-and-death story had taught him—about courage and fear, challenge and comfort, words and actions, pride and humility, seriousness and humor, and viewing life as a never-ending search for new ideas and inspiration.

This book is that letter. And it’s not just for his sons. It’s for everyone who can use the best advice a dying hero has to offer. Weber’s stories illustrate that in the end, you become what you are through the causes to which you attach yourself—and that you’ve made your own along the way. Through his example, he teaches how to live an ordinary life in an extraordinary way.
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Muffin Stories - The Farmer and his Three Sons

There was once a man who had three sons, and nothing else in the world but Now each of the sons wished to have the house after his father's death, but the.
Mark M. Weber

The king’s three sons

Once upon a time, an old man lived with his three sons in a village. The three sons were hard workers. Still, they quarrelled all the time. The old man tried a lot to unite them but he failed. Though the villagers appreciated their hard work and efforts, they made fun of them on their fights. Months passed by and the old man fell sick.

Once a king had three sons. The first and second sons were very good, but the third one was very bad. He was the worst possible rogue. In spite of knowing that the third one was bad, the king liked him. After all, he was his son. The king was getting old. Although they spend all their time reading books and following other kinds of scholarly pursuits, they are not as smart as I am.

Once there was an old, wise, and prudent king who had three sons. As the king grew older, he decided it was time to confer his kingdom upon one of them. Before I die, I will crown one of you the next king. I know that all of you are good men, so I am going to give you a test: Here are three small coins for each of you to take to the marketplace and buy something that is useful and that will fill my whole house. It was full of all kinds of things that were interesting and beautiful, simple and useful.

Once there was a king with three sons. The youngest son, a hardworking man who had learned to farm from his father's servants, planted crops to help feed.
once upon a child rocky river

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Once there was a king with three sons. In five years, he told them, he would return to see what they had chosen to do with it, and he left them alone. What could be more beneficial, he thought, than protection? Everyone needs food to survive. He was very pleased and when he was finished he called his sons to him. He merely praised them for their ingenuity and told them that yes, they had decided well on how to use what he had given them. Which one of us did what was best for the kingdom?


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  1. Wise Son. A story from Persia, retold by Louise B. Larson The three sons left their father's house and went to the marketplace, which was very big. It was full.

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