Emmi pet before and after

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emmi pet before and after

Loving Emmi (Dog-Ma #2) by Barbara Boswell Brunner

The Dog-Ma saga continues…

In this highly anticipated sequel to the best selling Dog-Ma, the Zen Of Slobber, Izzy, the feisty and ferocious terrier, has lost her eyesight. Following on the heels of this devastating loss, her archrival Morgan – a gentle giant of a Rottweiler – suddenly succumbs to cancer. Finding herself a lonely-only, it’s not long before Izzy finds herself nose-to-nose with her humans’ new pet project: a foster Rottie pup also named Morgan. Quickly renamed Emmi to avoid confusion (and the wrath of Izzy,) it was to be the beginning of a journey unlike any other.

Severely injured as a newborn, Emmi – affectionately known to her fast-growing online fan base as Baby Morgan the Broken Jaw Puppy – is hanging onto life by a thread. Living with a crushed jaw that has left her unable to open her mouth to eat or drink, the prognosis is grim. Emmi is starving to death. Having rescued her from a horrific life, her parents spring into all-out desperation mode to find her the best lifesaving medical care. Despite the advice of veterinary professionals to euthanize, her parents are determined to save her at all costs. Taking to the Internet, they rally a huge online community of dog lovers who quickly become their second family. It does not take long for Emmi’s sheer determination and ferocious will to live to take hold.

This is Emmi’s miracle. A story of hope, inspiration, and triumph in the face of adversity.
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Emmi-pet video instructions

Emmi-pet, with its unique and patented dental care system, is now setting a new trend for a completely new kind of dental cleaning and oral hygiene.
Barbara Boswell Brunner

Emmi Pet-The ultrasonic toothbrush for pets (dogs, cats and other)

Smaller breeds are more concerned, since their teeth are often too tight or poorly positioned. Like this, you prevent the apparation of :. Was, occurs emulsion created millions of microbubbles that, by implosion, remove impurities such as food debris, tartar, germs and bacteria. Furthermore, ultrasound penetrate to 12 mm deep in the gums, destroying bacteria, acting as a therapeutic remedy - without effects secondary. Result after 5 first minutes of treatment : tartar and plaque are already visibly reduced, heavy deposits became visibly thinner. Decreased inflammation of gums visible, 2 teeth loosening phase are again firmly inked.

I am always a little sceptical when it comes to gadgets although I have to say I do like new gadgets but ONLY if they work. I did a little research and asked around a few show people who had already purchased one and most came back with a favourable reply. One friend had used theirs on a 7 year old that had never had any dental treatment and the tartar which was quite thick and after a few treatments they said it had made a vast improvement. Making the purchase Anyhow, I thought I would take the plunge and decided to buy one. I was fortunate in that there was an Emmi-Pet Agent who lived about 6 miles away so I did not have to rely on having it posted and I was able to go and see her and she explained exactly how it worked and what results I should expect. I purchased the Emmi-pet along with a couple of extra toothbrushes it comes with 2 as I have multiple dogs and like humans they really need their own toothbrush to avoid spreading any germs from one dog to another.

Help your favourites pets with optimal dental care, because prophylaxis is the best protection against tartar, infection of the gums and bad breath of the dog. With the ultrasonic toothbrush you can avoid the narcosis during the professional dental cleaning with the vet. Our Golden Retriever Cory has been suffering from tartar for quite a while, this tartar comes up in light and dark brown edges on the teeth towards the gums. Although we tried various measures, we were not successful. It was only with our new Emmi pet and thus better dental hygiene that it almost disappeared. It consists of apatite, hydroxyapatite, brushit, whitlockit, proteins and carbohydrates…. In essence, tartar evolves with the time from the soft plaque produced by bacteria.

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Emmi-Pet Teeth Cleaning




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