David kennedy leaves angels and airwaves

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david kennedy leaves angels and airwaves

Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker by Tom DeLonge

I really liked this book and definitely want to see what else is out there relating to this story. I know there is a short that I will have to track down.

I liked the art and the variety of characters. The bad guy has a believable origin story that I accept made him as evil as he is. I often have an issue accepting truly evil villains in a story, but not this one.

I gave this four stars for a few reasons. The brother characters role in the dream world was very inconsistent. First, he knew everything even though he had never been there. He even had a girlfriend. Next time, he doesnt remember any of it. The third time, he still doesnt seem to know anything other than the occasional nugget of highly valuable information. He just seemed like a character who was used to provide the main character with what he needed, but never anything more than that. The brothers dont seem to be very close in the waking world either.

I also had an issue with the way Ayo was presented. I love the idea of a dream being a character with a soul, and I love that she can tattoo herself with her soul. But she was clothed and positioned in some pretty sexist ways.

I had a hard time distinguishing between the night stalkers and dream walkers as well. We only saw them each a few times, but I felt like they should have been more distinct from one another.

All that being said, I had no problem suspending my disbelief for this book. The main character is young and seems undriven in the waking world, but finds his niche in the dream world. He is invested in this alternative reality BEFORE he finds out he has special powers in it. He immediately accepts the responsibility and understands how it will impact his life, both waking and sleeping.

I am looking forward to tracking down more content in this universe. I want to meet more good guys or neutral guys. This universe has a ton of potential.

I recommend reading the interview with Tom Delonge at the end of the collected volume. Its presented with concept art and pieces of the animated short. The author seems very passionate about multi-medium storytelling involving multiple creators. It was very interesting and insightful.
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Published 15.12.2018

DJ David Kennedy from Angels & Airwaves at A Tribute To AVA Jakarta

Tom DeLonge announces new Angels & Airwaves tour, album and film

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An unspecified film project is also in the works. The tour opens Sept. All tour dates and cities appear below.

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  1. So little has been written about this band because only a sap would take this seriously a decade out.

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